In memoriam of blogs that passed away in 2016


This is a post in jest.  If you’re gonna take offense to it, then a) you need to get a sense of humor and b) I don’t know..maybe start writing again.

First off, make sure you have your volume turned on and push play:


Big Habitat – 1/10/14

While he passed away in 2014, we’ll give him an honorary mention here.  His last post was titled “The Definitive Guide to Lifetime Fitness Member Advantage Program Discount Gift Cards (10+%)”  After that post, BH gave up on reselling and turned to fitness full time. After a few years, he moved on to the Ultimate Fighting Championship and goes by the name “Conor McGregor” now.


Chasing the Points – 9/27/16

His last post was “My $4,000 travel hacking mistake”  CTP feel deeply in debt after that mistake.  That incident plus the money Saveya owed him led him to be kicked out of his apartment.  He then lived homeless in the streets of Harlem, only to comfort himself with by burning used gift cards in a dumpster fire.  Eventually, he took his own life using a scotty peeler.  He is survived by a couple of Itunes gift cards.


Points for Later – 4/20/16

His last post “How I’m using the Staples AMEX offer” led him down the dark road of Gap GC reselling.  It was very fruitful until one day, he had the bright idea of selling the gift cards outside a Gap store at 10% off IN CASH.  Eventually, the store called the cops on him and he was arrested for trespassing.  He is now doing community service and has to stay 100 feet away from any Gap stores.


Miles4More – 5/18/16

His last post “On Southwest’s stealth devaluation” was just too much for Kenny to handle.  So angry about SW’s move, he took his Companion Pass and flew to Cuba and was never heard from again.


Are We There Yet? – 3/16/16

His last post was about the Jetblue credit card affiliate links.  He was so angry about affiliate bloggers, but yet he wanted to be an affiliate blogger himself.  He couldn’t figure a way out of that juxtaposition.  Watch his story on season 4 episode 1 of “Black Mirror” on Netflix.


Wanderlusty – 8/20/16

After Jonathan’s last post “Local SIM: Ethiopa Edition”, the local government got wind of the post and he was never seen again.  We suspect he’s in Cuba somewhere with Kenny.


Carolina Travel Girl – 12/25/15

She died of cuteness overload after her last post about the KLM Bluey Christmas show.


Miles Points Reselling – 11/20/16

He had actually passed away back in May of 2016, but came back with a zombie post about selling big ticket items in November. It was his last gasp of breath before boxes of returned iPads fell on him in his basement.  Left for days with no food or water, he tried to ask Siri to call for help.  Spiteful gal that she is, she did NOT call for help.


Milenomics – 4/27/16

His last post was about Plenti points at Riteaid.  Well now you know who the reader is in this video.


2016 can’t end soon enough!