USPS raises First Class postage limit from 13 oz to 16 oz


I think all of the eBay resellers knew about this already, but I only recently found out when a reader commented on a post (sorry don’t have the post in front of me now.)  Apparently this change was made when the price of the Forever stamps dropped back in January 2016, so I am really really late to the party.  Anyway, the only reason I’m posting this is because another reader recently figured this out too, so figured I’ll “state the obvious” so everyone knows.

Seems like you don’t save much if you pay the full retail price of $6.45 since that’s about the cost of a 1 pound Priority Mail box.



  • Ken

    Holy crap, never thought I’d see $6 for a 1st class shipment. Does this discount also work with the PP USPS backdoor?