Common acronyms used in the MS world (see what I did there)

A reader who is a newb (new person) commented I should write a post about the common acronyms in the MS game.  So here we go.  Bookmark this one folks!

2bbm, 3bbm, etc – Stands for 2 browser browser method.  Used to be popular way to apply for multiples of the same card on same day. Used in sentence – “The 2bbm method doesn’t really work anymore these days.”

AGC – American Express gift cards.  A popular method to MS since portals can pay out up to 2.25% for the purchase.  Used in sentence – “I don’t know why I can never buy a $2,000 business AGC.”

A+ – Not a grade.  Refers to the Barclays Arrival Plus credit card.  Used in sentence – “I used to love my A+, but now with the new 2.1% rebate, I think I’ll cancel and get it again for the bonus down the road.”

AA – Depending on context.  Could mean American Airlines or ‘Adverse Action.”  Used in sentence – “I hope there’s no AA for me charging $10K on my Chase Ink card in the first 3 months.”

AEGC – Not to be confused with AGC.  These are the ones found in grocery stores.  Used in sentence – “I have no idea how to liquidate AEGC’s.”

AF – Annual Fee.  Used in sentence – “I called to cancel the card when my AF hit.”

AP – Amazon Payments.  Used in sentence – “People used to be able to score a free 1K miles/points each month using AP before it got killed.”

AoR – App-o-rama aka applying for a bunch of credit cards on the same day in hopes of high success rate.  Used in sentence – “It probably doesn’t make sense to do AoR’s anymore.”

AS – Alaska Airlines.  Used in sentence – “I can redeem 70K AS miles to fly from the US to South Africa in First Class?  Whaaaaat?”

AU – Authorized Users.  Used in sentence – “AMEX changed their business AU process.”

AW – AwardWallet – A handy tool to track all of your miles and points.  Used in sentence – “I’m sure glad I have AW since they let me know when my points expire.”

AXON – Referring to a Hilton discount to AMEX HH cardmembers.  Used in sentence – “Hmm maybe I should stay 4 nights at the Hilton to get the AXON rate.”

BA – British Airways.  Popular due to their distance based chart and alliance with Alaska Airlines.  Used in sentence – “I just used 7500 BA avios to get from Seattle to Los Angeles.”

BoA – Bank of America.  Used in sentence – “BoA is the only churnable bank left.”

BB or BBY – Best Buy.  Usually only heard when there is an AMEX Offer for Best Buy.  Used in sentence – “Man, I went to BB to buy some VGC using my AMEX offer but they never have any in stock.”

BB – Bluebird aka the first AMEX reloadable prepaid product that is used to load at WMT.  Used in sentence – “I just went to the armpit of America to reload my BB and the cashier wouldn’t let me use a VGC.  Went home empty handed.”

BBP – AMEX Blue for Business Plus credit card.  Used in sentence – “The BBP is great because you can get a 0% ‘loan’ for 12 months.”

BBR – Bank of America’s Better Balance Rewards credit card.  Used in sentence – “I’ve tried 10 times to get BoA to convert my AS to the BBR card and have failed.”

BCP – AMEX Blue Cash Preferred card.  6% at grocery up to $6K.  Used in sentence – “Hey at least I get 1 free year of Amazon Prime with signup for the BCP card.”

BF – Befrugal cashbackportal.  Used in sentence – “Some people prefer TCB over BF since TCB pays out a little faster than BF.”

BRG – AMEX Business Rewards Gold card OR Best Rate Guarantee from various companies like IHG, Orbitz, Hyatt, etc.  Used in sentence – “I used BRG to get my hotel room from $200 down to $100.”

Buxx – Usually referred to the NW Buxx reloadable card but it could also be the US Bank Buxx card for the old timers out there.  Used in sentence – “How do I get more teens so I can have more Buxx cards?”

CA – Cash Advance fee.  The bane of MS.  Used in sentence – “People used to be worried about buying AGC using Citi cards due to Citi charging CA fees.”

CB – Cashback.  Used in sentence – “I have so many miles and points that I’ve switched to cb cards.”

CC – Depends on context.  Could be ‘credit card’ or Club Carlson.  Used in sentence – “The CC card was great until they removed the free night benefit.”

CFP – Checkfree Pay.  Popular method to pay bills at WMT and groc stores.  Used in sentence – “If you go over a certain CFP amount, they will ask you for SSN at WMT.”

CFPBConsumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Used in sentence – “When all else fails, file a CFPB against that company.”

CL – Credit Line.  Used in sentence – “Man, why does Discover give out the lowest CL’s of all the banks?”

CP – Southwest Companion Pass.  Used in sentence – “Let me apply for the 2 Chase SW cards in December so I can get the CP for 2 full years.”

CPM – Cents per Mile.  Used in sentence – “When I use my Ink at Staples, I am paying 0.7 cpm per UR.”

CR – Credit Report.  Used in sentence – “Capital One usually pulls from all 3 CR’s, so you better make it worth it.”

CSP – Chase Sapphire – Used in sentence – “Good luck signing up for the CSP if you’ve had more than 5 cards in the last 2 years.”

CSR – Customer Service rep.  Used in sentence – “Every time I try to load BB at the register, the cashier tells me to go to the CSR desk.”

CU – Credit Union.  Used in sentence – “Wow I found a CU that gives points on debit card purchases.”

CX – Cathay Pacific.  Used in sentence – “I wish CX would stock more bottles of Krug in first class.”

DAL – Delta Airlines.  Used in sentence – “Skymiles may get a bad rap, but DAL is a solid airline.”

DoC – Refers to blogger Doctor of Credit.  Used in sentence – “Did you see DoC’s post on ______?”

DC – Refers to the Citi Double Cash credit card that gives you 1% on purchase and 1% on the payment.  Used in sentence – “I keep trying to decide if I should use my DC or A+ card.”

DD – Discover Deals portal.  Used in sentence – “Man, I hope Discover actually pays out the double bonus next year for all my DD cashback.”

DDF – Dan’s Deals Forums.  Used in sentence – “You can find some great info from DDF.”

DL – Driver’s License.  Used in sentence – “Every time I buy a VGC at Kroger, they ask for my DL.”

DYKWIA – DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM.  Used in sentence – “What?  I’m not upgraded?  DYKWIA?!?!”

EDP – AMEX Everyday Preferred card.  Used in sentence – “I use my EDP to get 3X at groceries, up to $6K a year.”

EK – Airline code for Emirates.  Used in sentence – “I love flying on the EK A380 with the showers.”

EQ – Equifax credit report.  Used in sentence – “More banks pull from EX than EQ, but it really depends on where you live.”

EX – Experian credit report.  Used in sentence – “AMEX and Chase usually pull EX.”

EY – Airline code for Etihad.  Used in sentence – “The most aspirational airline redemption is on the EY A380 First Apartments.”

FA – Depends on context.  Could be a flight attendant or a Fraud Alert.  Used in sentence – “I hate my WF 5% cb card with a passion since I get FA’ed all the time.”

FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon.  Like Ebay but without dealing with customers.  Used in sentence – “I ship everything to FBA now.”

FHR – Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts.  Used in sentence – “Some people like to use FHR at nice restaurants since it sometimes comes with a spa/breakfast package.”

FIA – A bank that issues the popular FIA AMEX 2% card.  Used in sentence – “I used to use my FIA card a lot but now that AGC has ended, I’m going to sock drawer it.

FM – Refers to blogger Frequent Miler or grocery chain Fred Meyer owned by Kroger. Used in sentence – “I’m excited for FM to make it to Nekker Island.”

FR – Financial Review from AMEX.  Used in sentence – “If you spend too much too fast on a new AMEX, you may get FR’ed.”

FT – Flyertalk.  Where the MS universe was born.  Used in sentence – “Did you read the FT wiki?”

FW or FWF – Fatwallet or Fatwallet Finance.  Used in sentence – “Who still goes onto FW?”

FWIW – For What it’s Worth.  Used in sentence – “My kate is usually always down, but it was up last night fwiw.”

GC – gift card.  Used in sentence – “GC churning is a waste of my time.”

GD – Green Dot.  Used in sentence – “They used to be a great play when Rite Aid allowed purchases of GD with cc.”

GGD – Gas, Groceries, Drugstores.  Popular categories for certain cc’s like the OBC.  Used in sentence – “Man, I wish I had another card that gave bonus points at GGD.”

GCM –  Used in sentence – “GCM doesn’t take AGC anymore and so it’s not worth my time.”

GoC – Gift of College cards.  Used in sentence – “Let me go buy a GoC card and pay my tuition with it.”

GW – Google Wallet.  Used in sentence – “GW shut me down and now I can’t even buy stuff on the Play store anymore.”

HH – Depends on context. Could be ‘heavy hitter’ or Hilton Honors – Used in sentence -“I’d be lucky to get 0.4c of value out of my HH points, but I’m no hh when it comes to MS’ing HH.”

HIGC – Home Improvement Gift Card.  Variable card sold at OD that can be used at Sears, HD, Lowes, etc.  Used in sentence – “I still can’t believe for 2-3 days there back in 2013(?), people were able to unload these HIGC at WMT as a real debit card.”

HP – Hard Pull – Used in sentence – “Did opening that credit union do a HP or did they just run Chexx?”

HUCA – Hang Up Call Again – Used in sentence – “Chase wouldn’t approve me for the Ink card, so I HUCA 5 times before finding a rep who would approve me.”

IHG – Intercontinental Hotel Group.  Used in sentence – “The Chase IHG card’s $49 AF may be worth keeping each year due to the 1 free night anniversary night anywhere.”

Ink – Refers to Chase Ink business card.  Popular since you get 5X UR at Staples.  Used in sentence – “I don’t even bother Ink’ing at Staples anymore since I don’t know what to do with my UR points.”

JAL – Referred to Japan Airlines.  Used in sentence – “JAL has a pretty good first class product.”

J4U – Safeway’s rewards program.  Used in sentence – “Load the coupon from the J4U app to get 20% off Gap gift cards.”

Kate – Kiosk At The Entrance.  Those money machines at Wmt that lets you load your BB.  Used in sentence – “My Kate is always down.”

KE – Airline code for Korean Airlines.  Used in sentence – “Chase UR will sometimes take down transfers to KE.”

MGC – Stands for Mastercard Gift Card.  Used in sentence – “You should stop buying MGC’s since they take an additional step to load at Wmt.”

MIR – Mail in Rebate.  Used in sentence – “Reselling software on Newegg that is $0 MIR is a good small time play.”

MPD – BOOM!  Your’s truly.  Used in sentence – “I don’t know how MPD makes money off his blog.”

MMS – Refers to blogger Million Miles Secrets.  Used in sentence – “They hate us cuz they anus.”  – not a real quote from MMS

MO – Money Order.  Used in sentence – “Hi, can I buy 2 MO’s each for $999.30?”

MR – Depends on context.   Could be ‘mileage run’ or AMEX’s transferable Membership Rewards program.  Used in sentence – “I couldn’t get in on the AMEX 150K MR Business Platinum offer before it died.”

MS – NOT Microsoft.  Stands for Manufactured Spend aka fake spending on your credit card to generate miles, points, or cash.  Used in sentence – “How much do you ms per month?”

NWB – Northwest Buxx cards.  See Buxx above.  Used in sentence – “How do I get more NWB cards?”

OA – Online Arbitrage.  Used for type of reselling.  Used in sentence – “I mostly do OA since I can get portal points.”

OBC – Refers to AMEX’s Old Blue Cash card that gave an unlimited 5% at grocery stores – Used in sentence – “I hit my OBC so hard that they shut me down in October 2014.”

OD – OfficeDepot – Used in sentence – “Why can’t OD have the same $20 off $300 offers like OM?”

OM – OfficeMax – Used in sentence – “Why can’t I find an OM around me, but there is an OD next door to my work?”

OTA – Online Travel Agent like Orbitz, Expedia, etc.  Used in sentence – “Sometimes, booking through a different country’s OTA will save you money.”

OV – One Vanilla gift cards – Used in sentence – “I buy OV from drugstores, but they don’t work at WMT.”

PC – Not the computer.  Refers to Product Change.  Used in sentence – “You should PC your Chase Sapphire to the Freedom when the AF is due.”

PITA – Pain in the Ass.  Used in sentence – “It’s a PITA when someone hacks your USB VGC.”

PM – Pricematch.  Used in sentence – “Let me pm Staples to Amazon and use a coupon code while I’m at it.”

PO – Post Office.  Used in sentence – “I buy stamps at the PO.”

POS – Point of Sale terminal.  Used in sentence – “The new Target POS update has made loading RB so painful.”

PP – Paypal.  Used in sentence – “My PP stock isn’t doing so well.”

PPDG – Paypal Digital Gifts.  Paypal’s storefront for selling gift cards on Ebay.  Used in sentence – “I can’t buy anymore from PPDG, and I can’t figure out why.”

PPBDC – Paypal Business Debit Card.  Earns 1% on signature transactions.  Used in sentence – “I stopped using my PPBDC when Paypal warned me twice to stop loading with MyCash.”

PPEMC – Paypal Extras Mastercard.  Used in sentence – “I don’t have the PPEMC, but maybe I should get one.”

PPMC – Paypal MyCash loadable card.  Used in sentence – “If you value your Paypal account, you’ll stop loading PPMC cards.”

PRG – AMEX Premier Rewards Gold card.  Used in sentence – “I get 3X MR on airfare when I use my PRG card.”

RA – Rite Aid or Retail Arbitrage.  Used in sentence – “RA now allows you to buy $3K of VGC per day [includes fees].  Also, RA is usually too expensive to do RA.”

RB – Another AMEX reloadable prepaid product.  Target’s version of Bluebird.  Used in sentence – “I love loading my RB at Target just so I can avoid the armpit of America.”

RIT – Reloadit Cards.  Used in sentence – “Some Safeway stores will still let you buy RIT’s with a cc.”

SBC – Simply Best Coupons cashback portal.  Used in sentence – “SBC was another great AGC portal.”

SBS – AMEX Small Business Saturday.  Basically the Black Friday for MS’ers.  Used in sentence – “I cleaned up on SBS.”

SC – AMEX Business Simply Cash card.  5% at office supply stores, up to $25K a year.  Used in sentence – “I can’t believe the AMEX SC has no annual fee.”

SD -Slickdeals. Used in sentence – “I use SD to find things to resell.”

Serve – Yet another AMEX reloadable prepaid product.  There are now 3 flavors.  Used in sentence – “Have you loaded your BB/RB/Serve this month?”

SGC – Simon Mall Gift Card .  Used in sentence – “I miss the days when I could buy SGC with AGC.”

SM – Secure Message on bank sites.  Used in sentence – “I’m too lazy to call so I’ll just SM Chase.”

SPG – Starwoods Preferred Guest – Used in sentence – “SPG points are so hard to accumulate.”

SQ – Singapore Airlines – Used in sentence – “Yes, SQ is the one with the double beds in Suites class.

SSN – social security number.  Used in sentence – “Man, how can I get more SSN’s so I can open more RB cards?”

STFU – “Shut the F Up”.  Used in sentence – “Bloggers need to STFU about these deals.”

SW or SWA – Southwest Airlines.  Used in sentence – “I feel treated like cattle when I fly on SW.”

TC – Travelcodex.  Not the site, the forums.  Used in sentence – “So how many likes do I need to get into the secret forums?”

TCB – Topcashback.  One of the most popular portals.  Used in sentence – “I sure hope TCB tracks my AGC order.”

TL;DR – Too Long; Didn’t Read.  Used in sentence – “Did anyone see the Twitter war between those 2 bloggers?”  No, can you TL;DR me?

TPG – The Points Guy blogger.  Used in sentence – “Boy, that TPG guys sure loves to pimp the Chase Sapphire card.”

TU – Transunion credit report.  Used in sentence – “TU may be the last bureau that you can still do bumpage.”

TYP – Citi’s transferable point program Thank You Points.  Used in sentence – “I used to not care about TYP, but now that they have Singapore Airlines as a partner and I can redeem them at 1.6X on AA flights, I’m racking them up!”

UA – United Airlines.  Used in sentence – “After the devaluation last year, I can’t seem to ever redeem my UA miles.”

UR – Chase Ultimate Rewards, a popular transferrable points program.  Used in sentence – “The only valuable program to transfer UR is now Hyatt.”

USB – Usually referred to US Bank.  Used in sentence – “I sure wish I could go back in time and gotten more USB Buxx accounts.”

VGC – Stands for Visa Gift Card.  Used in sentence – “I just bought $2,000 of VGC’s at Kroger.”

VLO – Visa Local Offers by Uber.  Used in sentence – “Oh look, my favorite restaurant is on VLO, and I get 10% back as Uber credit.”

VR – Vanilla Reload.  Used in sentence – “Man I miss the days when I could buy VR at OD and get 5X on Ink UR.”

WF – Wells Fargo.  Used in sentence – “Gawd, I really do hate all the FA’s on my WF 5% card.”

WMT – The armpit of America.  Used in sentence – “I always question why I MS after leaving a WMT”

YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary.  Means it’s different for everyone. Used in sentence – “Buying gift cards with a credit card at Safeway is very YMMV.”

If you haven’t noticed, I left out airport codes since that’s just too many.

I had no idea this post would be THIS MASSIVE.  It kept growing and growing.  If I missed one, lmk in the comments.

  • Some things are better in pers

    Man! And I had to “crack the code” on people’s encrypted tweets in order to learn MS! But it was thrilling. Reading about all the colorful “birds” and I was intrigued for ages to figure out one quote: “That’s why trips to Kate are so great- I can MS in my pink thong and bunny slippers.” Boy was I curious about that Kate gal.

    Awesome post. I also just sorted out that you are in Seattle!!! Some day I MUST meet you 😉


    • Miles per Day

      Learning is half the fun. Where are you located in Seattle? I’m mostly East side so you can see me around there.

      • Some things are better in pers

        I’m in Anacortes. I used to make it to the meet ups, but have missed the last many. Do you ever go to those?

  • Miles

    I don’t see busymike’s TPM in the list.

    • Some things are better in pers

      I thought that is supposed to stay off the blogs. Consider deleting your comment and sharing that info in person with folks. Unless there’s an update I’m unaware of, which is likely.

      • Miles per Day

        Pointchaser has blogged so much about him so it doesn’t matter.

        • Some things are better in pers

          Tru dat! You jogged my memory!

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  • Great comprehensive list, though you missed HFSMMSA (holy f*ck so many manufactured spending acronyms).

    • Miles per Day

      Haha good point. I didn’t realize there were that many until I started to write the post.

  • Chantal Tu

    Thanks for this and all the updates!

  • justthebest

    I can’t find out what “BOID” is. During last week’s amex Plat craziness everyone was posting this “BOID” code. I Google and got nothing. (Didn’t matter, after an hour on hold I was told that I needed the personal code “we emailed to you” and the one floating around didn’t work, so I never got to even give them my BOID code).

    • wikkit

      Probably Offer Identification.

      • Miles per Day

        Probably Business Offer ID. It’s not a common acryonym though. There is also POID which I assume is Personal Offer ID.

        • justthebest

          Yes–sorry it was Poid. I was mis-remembering because the code was “B” . . . . So, it’s Personal Offer ID . . . Interesting that that does not show up at all in a google search. Thanks so much.

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  • Mike

    You’re missing 2 of the big 3 AGC cash back portals. BF for BeFrugal and SBC for SimplyBestCoupons. Anyone who spends any time in the FT AGC thread will know those.

    • Miles per Day

      Noted and updated. Thanks.

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  • Matt Garcia

    This is gold. Why was this not up when I first discovered this hobby?

    • Miles per Day

      No clue. I’m surprised it hasn’t been posted on another blog (or maybe it has and I’ve never found it)

  • A Mauskopf

    You rock! Thanks so much. Going to memorize the list now 🙂

    • Miles per Day

      Good luck memorizing it. Prob better to bookmark and come back.