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As you can see, I have no credit card affiliate ads.

I have a Google ad that doesn’t even generate enough revenue to pay for the monthly hosting.  So if you want to buy me a beer, you can use one of my referral links below.  It’ll be much appreciated.

Credit Cards

  • AMEX Hilton (I get 5K HH pts, you get the same public offer)


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If any links don’t work, please leave a comment below so I can fix.  Thanks.

  • Just found your site, instantly got obsessed and pored through more than someone should read in one sitting – lol. Would love to use your Ink Preferred link, but I already have the Ink Cash – do you know if I can have both? Or will I have to cancel the Ink Cash and then apply? Thank you! 🙂

    • Miles per Day

      Haha thanks for reading. They are considered separate products, so you can get both. Just make sure you’re under 5/24.

  • Justin

    SPG Biz is not working – good chance I use your link if I decide to apply!

    • Miles per Day

      jsut fixed. thanks justin

      • Justin

        Hey Vinh, I did end up applying and was approved. Thanks for all the work you do.

        • Miles per Day

          Awesome. Thanks Justin

  • Arnold Lin

    Your cardcash link says invalid for me.

    • Miles per Day

      Thanks for letting me know Arnold. I think Cardcash stopped doing referrals so I’ll remove them anyway.

  • Tom,

    Do you still have tickets selling for Hamilton. I think the prices will drop drastically over the next couple of months.
    It will likely start in Chicago if my thoughts are correct. I could be wrong!! LOL

  • Kumar

    Used your iconsumer link to signup. Just a small token of appreciation to support this site.

    • Miles per Day

      Thanks Kumar. I really appreciate it.