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As you can see, I have no credit card affiliate ads.

I have a Google ad that doesn’t even generate enough revenue to pay for the monthly hosting.  So if you want to buy me a beer, you can use one of my referral links below.  It’ll be much appreciated.



If you shop on Amazon though, please feel free to click through on the Amazon ad first or use this link here.


Credit Cards

  • AMEX Hilton (I get 5K HH pts, you get the same public offer)
  • Chase Ink  (I get 5K or 10K (I forget), you get the same public offer)  
  • If you want to apply for a Discover IT card, you can use my link and we both get $50 –


Shopping Portals



  • Book your Hilton stay here (I’m not an OTA, so you get full stay credit)  I suggest you use a portal to keep the money yourself though.  Just keeping it real.
  • Book your IHG stay here (I’m not an OTA, so you get full stay credit) Same as above.




If any links don’t work, please let me know at, but other than that, enjoy the site.

  • Kumar

    Used your iconsumer link to signup. Just a small token of appreciation to support this site.

    • Miles per Day

      Thanks Kumar. I really appreciate it.