If you are on T-Mobile, take 2 minutes to set your porting pin number


I’m sure you’ve heard in the news and whatnot of people having their numbers ported out from T-Mobile to another carrier.  I, like many people, assumed, “Oh this probably won’t happen to me.”  Well, it happened to one of my readers.  His SO’s phone number was ported out to another carrier, and the person when hacked into her Wells Fargo account and withdrew the money.  No word on the outcome of that (I’m guessing the bank is liable since it was fraudulent use.)  That incident hit way too close to  home for me.


Do it over Twitter

I sent a DM to the Twitter team.  They responded within a minute and gave me a link to “link my Twitter account with my Tmobile account.”  Once I did that, they gave me a second link to create a 6-10 digit PIN number.  And that was it.  Should take you 2-5 minutes if they aren’t too busy.  Easier to do that than dealing with your bank or whatever other accounts they hack into once they have your phone number.  Don’t be like this guy.  I’m not sure if the other carriers have this issue or this security feature, but you should look into it.