Slack private chat slots have opened

[Update 2/12/18 – Sorry slots have closed.]

A few months ago, I started a Slack private chat.  A good number of people joined (too many to be honest.)  Naturally people wanted to buy/sell/trade in it.  To make the Slack a bit safer, I made everyone send me a picture of their ID and let them black out everything but name and address (I didn’t care about DOB or any other characteristics.)  Yes, I fully recognize people can forge or cheat this requirement, but if they want to go that far, more power to them.   About 25% of the people weren’t happy with this requirement even though their real life neighbor, pizza delivery guy, and Uber driver had the exact same info, and so they were cut.

Now, I’ve opened up slots again.  I want to apologize to everyone who have been emailing me since November and January as well.  I haven’t been intentionally ignoring you; it’s just been a hectic few months.  If you’ve emailed me and didn’t get a response, that’s because I was waiting for one big batch job and so please email me again with the following info:

  • Name
  • Email address you want to use (assuming it’s different than the one you’re emailing me)
  • A quick intro of yourself – how long you’ve been in the game, what you are into – reselling, MS, ticket flips, etc
  • Most importantly, attach a picture of your driver’s license (like I said, you can black out everything but your name, picture and address.)  If you don’t do this, I’m going to ignore your email.

Don’t like those rules?  Well, no one is forcing you to do anything.  Just move on along.

  • Justin Gustafson

    Hi, I would like to join the slack channel as well. Long time reader, first time joiner. Let me know where to email you the information. Thanks!

  • bhanik

    Would like to join. How do I send the info ?

  • Adam

    Hey Vinh, any chance you’ll open up the original Slack? This new one is one you created recently, not the one from October. Any reason you’re keeping them separate?

    • Miles per Day

      Because the first one still has too many people

      • Michael

        Hmm. Did you know that Axe and Adam both start with A? :devious smile:

  • Justin

    Sheesh these comments got rough. Jason, I trust Vinh with my DL the same way I have trusted many Walmart cashiers. One day I may lose my DL and who knows who will pick it up. It’s 2018, your info is out there.

  • Jason

    I am one of the guys who emailed you both on Nov 1 and Jan 1.

    1. DL is a proof of identity and can be misused even with sensitive info blacked out. What if your computer is hacked and such info released and mishandled? These DLs have ppl’s names and addresses and their pics. I don’t mind having a cup of coffee with u in person and know each other face to face. And as a matter of fact, we might even have met each other before somewhere in the mall/stores/streets in Bellevue. BUT DL is a different story, it’s not something a neighbor, pizza delivery guy, and Uber driver usually has about you.

    2. At least from what I can recall, your original post of emailing you for private chat didn’t mention anything about this DL requirement. It’s okay “no one forced me to email you”, but that was based on the fact u didn’t say that requirement originally. If you specified that requirement at the very beginning, I might even not have emailed you.

    3. I just wanted to be in the private chat to share info and to connect. I understand ppl in the group want to buy/sell/trade, but can’t you create a so-called “more private” subchannel to trade/buy/sell? Anyone who are in the private chat only for connection and sharing info don’t need to give out sensitive personal info at all. And if anyone wants to trade/buy/sell, they can give you the DL and join the more-private subchannel. All in all, you called this group “private chat” yourself and I just don’t quite understand why you want ppl’s DL if it’s a chat channel.

    No offense, just being frank. I only read two blogs: Doc’s and yours. And you are the only reputable Asian blogger I know and you are in great Seattle area, where I live.

    • Miles per Day

      1. I am 100% sure your pizza and uber guy knows a) your face and b) your address. the only diff is that they should “forget” whereas I have your info stored in my Gmail, which I have 2 factor and use a distinct password on.

      2. Things change

      3. No I’m not.

      If you are uncomfortable with sending the info, I respect that 100%. But you are also need to respect that it’s MY Slack and I can make up my own rules. There are plenty of other Slacks out there that don’t require DL, so find and join theirs.

      • Jason

        well, all in all, just a sentence “things change” just wasted my time and i am pretty sure others’ time wasted…

        One day, you might compromise all ppl’s DLs info just because “things change”. Things do change, right?

        good luck.

        • Miles per Day

          Have you tried to google your email address? I already know your age and address. Then I found your picture on Linkedin. Took all of 2 min and I didn’t have to “change anything.”

          • Jason

            i did, and just found only 2 entries plus 2 google ad entries. One entry did show my OLD address, and if u saw my picture on Linkedin, u must’ve got the wrong person. Coz I removed my pic from Linkedin at least 6 years ago, and I don’t think any caches still have my pics…

            And it‘s not the point. I already mentioned, I have no issues meeting you and knowing u in person or if u or other folks have my info from public data, but a DL is an ID regardless of sensitive info being blacked or not. Giving you a pic of my DL is not something similar to knowing as friends. How many ppl will give their friends the DLs (even blacked out)?

            Technically, as a person, you might not even be supposed to collect ppl’s DLs (just my common sense and I am no expert in laws). Even if u can, by collecting ppl DLs, u r basically assuming certain responsibilities and bringing yourself trouble. Let’s use an example, if one day, a guy A in your channel told you the other guy B in the channel scammed him by selling him some bad cards. What are you gonna do? Help A by giving A the info and address of B, or submit B’s info and address to the police? And what is even worse, if it’s a misunderstanding and actually B is a good guy? And what if A is the bad guy? Are you gonna be the judge? And if someone in your channel are doing illegal business? Anything is possible.

          • Fanfoot

            Look, here’s the thing Jason. You’re want to join a private slack. The people in that slack are going to be paying each other for stuff. You’re going to send each other points or miles or book trips for each other. You’re going to tell those people your name, your address, your frequent flyer numbers, they will know your email, and for some of them in order to pay you via ACH or whatever they’ll want your DL. That’s life. If you don’t want to share it, that’s of course your right. Good plan. Doing this will maybe reduce your risk of having your credit stolen or something. Maybe. But it also means that most of the people in that slack? They have no use for you.

            Stay safe Jason.

  • Ian Scott

    would like to join, where do i send info to?