2018 is the year of diversified MS


I had written 2016 was the year of reselling and 2017 was the year of GC churning.  I know DOC said 2016 was the year of GC churning, but I think that’s when it was still ‘underground’ and every deal was at least break even (most profitable.)  In 2017, more people were doing it as MS avenues dried up and you were losing at least 1 percentage on every GC flip.  Now there seems to be more sellers of GCs than there is demand for them.  It’s rare to find a break-even deal these days.  The days of going HAM on a Staples iTunes deal is over.  With the death of PPDG 5X, there went very easy pajama points.  I’m not saying GC churning is dead; I’m just saying you may need to diversify your MS methods.


Death of scalable MS

When the USPS hardcoded their system not to take GC’s anymore, that knocked out a lot of heavy hitters.  I myself have dropped my MO volume dramatically.  I know others who just quit MS.  It’s just no fun to walk into a Wal-mart.  I know some who still have friendly Wal-Marts and/or grocery stores, but the one who are doing mid five figures daily are doing MS as a full time job.  It’d be hard to run those numbers if you have a full time job; not impossible, but hard.


So what now?

  • Ticket flips – it seems more and more people are moving into ticket flips.  That may be because of my own echo chamber, but I think more people are dabbling in this.  While risky, you can’t beat the pajama points element of it.  Plus, every new concert is its own unicorn, so you have countless opportunities weekly.
  • Of course you can still flip GC’s. There are still break-even or profitable opportunities out there.
  • The classic MO route is still available if you live in a friendly MS area.
  • There is also investing in crypto (I don’t do this, but I hear lots of people are doing this.)
  • I also do boutique reselling when the opportunity arises – Apple watch bands, SNES Classic, etc
  • There are also pseudo currencies you can get into (these will never get blogged about.)
  • If you look hard enough, maybe there’s still a unicorn out there.
  • There are a lot of minor plays here and there that have inherent limits

I’m not saying you should get into any and all of them; I’m saying that if you’re only doing 1 or 2 of them, you may want to consider branching out into other avenues since you never know when one avenue will be shut down.  Or if you are into one of the methods, look into scaling up.  For example, if you’re into boutique reselling, think of how you can scale this up – maybe get a PO address.  That’s my suggestion for you in 2018 – try to branch out into other MS methods.


The line

One final observation – FM had a post a few years ago about that “line” he won’t cross.  I’ve been thinking about that more and more lately.  Since so many things have died, the game is pushing people further and further towards that line and in some instances, over that line.  I’m not saying you should cross it or go back or if you should reevaluate your life.  I’m just saying that as a whole, the game has definitely gotten closer to that line.

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  • pin

    2017 was the year of bank accts churning with 3 player mode for us. It was fun getting all the bonuses but now that it’s tax time, I dread to see the amount we have to pay tax on…LOL

    I’ve also turned to previously sock drawered cards since last year to start milking them again with change of TOS for the best.

    I’m sad sign ups for 1VIP has been discontinued start of this year but hopefully all other amex prepaids keep going.

    One thing I know I won’t get into is GC reselling or any reselling for that matter. I’d just keep on MSing with GCs and loading to prepaids and buying MOs while I can.

    Yes, there are unicorns still out there and for as long as discussions are kept in private, I think they’ll live for a long time. Once it leaks to any public fora, it’ll surely die in just a few days.

  • Gianna Luna

    I’ve been going full circle this year. Actually travelling on planes & trains and staying in hotels to rack points…crazy, I know.

  • Ken

    Crypto is dead since all card issuers are either charging CA fees or have outright banned transactions outright. Nothing works anymore.

    • Miles per Day

      Can’t you still fund with your bank account though?

      • Ken

        Of course, but how are you earning points via ACH transfers?

        • stalker

          Probably just making monies by speculating at this point

    • Origami

      Not trying to be cryptic, as I *definitely* don’t have any info (I’m too new to all of this to be invited to the super-secret groups). But I’d bet there are ways to indirectly buy crypto and cash out quickly. Too big an opportunity for nobody to have solved this somewhere.

  • ABC

    What are pseudo currencies?
    Some would put cryptocurrencies and Kohl’s cash in that category.

    • Miles per Day

      No, pseudo currencies are like you said Kohl’s Cash, SYYR, etc. Crypto is bitcoin, Litecoin, ETH, etc.