Review – Bo.Lan restaurant Bangkok Thailand


We went to Bangkok near the end of 2017.  We were late in trying to make dinner reservations.  I had wanted to go to Gaggan, but you need like months in advance to book it.  I was trying to book for the following week, so the only place that was open was Bo.Lan.  It was ranked #19 on the ‘2017 Asia’s Best 50 Restaurants‘ list.


We took the metro to the restaurant; it was about a 5 minute walk from the stop.  When we entered the restaurant, we were seated and given some complimentary drinks and snacks.  We then ordered 2 cocktails (my wife got a watermelon one and I got a passion fruit something.)  Both drinks were delicious.  After that, we started our first course by going into the kitchen and having a bite there.  After that, we were seated and then our courses came out.  I had the beer pairing while my wife got the wine one.  The only dish I remember was the chicken thigh in the banana leaf – very delicious.  Besides that, I remember being really stuffed by the end of the meal.  Was it worth it?  Sure.  Would I go again?  Nah.  Do I recommend you go?  Nah; try to get into Gaggan instead.


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