How I did on those Foo Fighter tickets


I wasn’t going to write about this (just because it’s not exciting,) but a few people asked me if I was going to buy tickets since they announced new dates.  I told them both NO, and that’s when I realized I hadn’t written this post yet.  First off, I’m not a huge Foo Fighters fan, but I know people love them (kinda like Dave Mathews,) and if you want to scale up in ticket flips, then you need to broaden your horizons.  Taylor Swift doesn’t come every month.  Plus, how would I have known that Pink and Lindsey Stirling would be so FIRE!

Anyway, I bought these Foo Fighter tickets back in October 2017 under either an AMEX or CITI presale.  I picked Madison Square Garden since NY is usually a solid bet.  I can’t remember if they had announced the second show at the time or not.  I think I wasn’t sure about these tickets (probably a 3 on the risk/reward scale,) so I played it safe and bought 4 nosebleeds (I’m guessing it was because I couldn’t get floor.)  All in cost was about $490 for all 4.


Selling the tickets

I immediately listed them on SH and waited.  About 3 weeks later, they sold for about $500 take-home.  This meant I took home a sweet $10.  I’m okay with it since that’s a low price to pay for the gamble.  Now I know to second guess Foo Fighter tickets down the road.


Lessons learned

I realize some people may have made the same play and made more money (either they got better seats or just got lucky on the sale.)  Will I flip them again in the future?  Probably NOT if they are playing 2 shows in the same city.  If there was only 1 MSG show, I think I would have made good money.