Reader – Capital One shut down in past, got a new card, then shut down again


A reader shared a data point with me and agreed to let me publish the data point so we all can learn.  She was shut down by Capital One in November 2016 due to the usual MS/WMBP.  She then was pre-approved for a card on their site, and so she applied for it and was approved in November 2017 (after 365 days.)  That’s when she emailed me earlier this month.  I had told her to keep me updated because I wasn’t sure if her new card would stay open.  Sure enough, she emailed me yesterday saying the new card was just axed.  She said there was no funny business on the new card.  On the bright side, she was able to keep the $500 signup bonus though.


Lessons Learned

If you get axed from Capital One, even after waiting a year and being “pre-approved,” they may approve you for a new card, but eventually, either via system or manual review, they will shut you down again.  So don’t waste 3 HP’s trying to get back into C1 (or at least not that soon.)  I know Barclay’s does this too.  I think if Chase lets you back in, you’re in.  Citi and BoA seem to be ‘banned for life.’

  • disqus_U0mK5URy7u

    I’m gathering that of Barclays you’re implying that once you’re axed, your relationship is severed permanently?

  • Mark Ostermann

    Is this the rusty hatchet week? 🙂