How I did on those Sam Smith tickets


There was a verified fan sale for Sam Smith’s 2018 tour about a month ago.  This I believe would be his 2nd album.  The first album won 7 Grammys in 2005, and he was playing arenas, not stadiums on the tour.  I had heard of him, but I later found out that not many other people had.  In my mind at the time, this was a THREE on my risk/reward scale (five being highest like Hamilton and 1 being Jay Z in stadiums.)  Since I was neutral, my Viet gambling blood took over and decided I wanted in.  However, I’m also not stupid, so I decided to get the best cheap seats in the house.  I bought 2 sets of 4 nosebleed tickets for $208 all-in per set.


Selling the tickets

It took about 2 weeks, but 1 set of 4 tickets sold on Stubhub for $198 take-home.  Thus I lost $10 on those 4 tickets.  I still have the other 4 just collecting dust right now.  I was waiting for those to sell before I made this post, but at this point, I’ll probably lose money on them if the Christmas shopping season doesn’t move them.


Lessons Learned

To be honest, I would have done it again.  I felt a 3 was a good risk/reward.  I mean, I would have put Pink at a 3 at the time too and she’s been FIRE (raising her up to a FIVE for next time!)  I think the main lesson learned may have been that sophomore tours haven’t established the artist enough.  Or maybe it’s because this tour is in summer/fall 2018 and his new songs have JUST COME OUT.  Should I have bought floor or lower bowl seats?  I don’t think so.  If I had, I’m sure I would have lost even more than $10.  I probably should have only bought 4 tickets instead of 8.

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  • I’m always surprised by the popularity/unpopularity of some artists. I (mistakenly) skipped out on Pink and had trouble with Katy Perry earlier this fall (guess people don’t like her all that much)

    • Miles per Day

      It was odd cuz I went to her show a few years back and pretty sure those sold well. She was arena at the time; I think she did stadium this time right? That may be why.

  • Justin

    Speaking of FIRE..

    • Miles per Day

      scheduled to run when i’m on vacation