My review of the iPhone X


Well it seems that reselling the iPhone X has been a bust.  It’s funny because I had a feeling after my last post and thought, “What if this doesn’t resell at all?”  I had a Verizon one listed on Facebook for $1250 and got a couple of bites on FB.  I gave up after the following exchange (you can read it at end of post.)  I then cancelled my 4 pre-orders from Apple.  I eventually returned one to Best Buy (make sure they don’t slap you with a $35 restocking fee.)  I still have a 2nd T-Mobile one that I may be too lazy to return and may just give it to the wife.  Lesson Learned – sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some.


My review of the phone

I did keep a T-mobile one and have been using it since Friday.  It’s been a full 3 days, so I feel it’s a good time to review it now.  The migration from my 7+ was supposed to be painless until I realized I don’t back up my photos to iCloud (I use Google Photos.)  So I had to wipe the device, do a full PC backup of my 7+ and then restore it on the X.  This gave me my photos on the X.  Besides that, here are my initial impressions.

  • Size – I love love love the size.  The 7+ has always been too big for me.  This is closer to the size of a 6, which is easier to hold.  Just the form factor alone was worth it to me.
  • The screen isn’t as bright as the 7+.  Brightness setting aside, OLED just doesn’t look as bright.  Not a big deal; one of those things you go, “Eh, I’ll live with it.”
  • Wireless charging is awesome!  I bought a cheap “quick charge” wireless charging pad for my house and a “stand” for work.  On my first night, I was down to 20% and wouldn’t have been surprised if I woke up 7 hours later at 70% or so.  However, it was fully charged.  It’s not as fast as the cable, but I don’t need it to be fast since I’m charging overnight.  The one at work isn’t fast either, but now when I go home, I leave with an almost fully charged phone vs one that is down to 30%.
  • It is noticeably faster than the 7+.  Swiping to switch apps is much faster than the home button.
  • I’ve pushed the missing home button once.  It should take you about a day to get over it.
  • FaceID hasn’t been an issue.  I haven’t worn sunglasses but I know ‘head resting on side of pillow’ also ‘breaks it.”  It’s not a huge deal since you can type in pass code.  Once again, one of those, “Eh, I’ll live with it.”
  • Animojis which I thought were a gimmick is actually pretty cool.
  • I haven’t even tested out the camera yet.



While reselling the phones have been a dud, the phone itself is a winner!


  • ABC

    So, who will be buying iphone 8?

  • John

    I ordered the T-mobile version from Apple. Do you know if it is unlocked?

  • volkswankin

    I wonder if Apple misled the public on limited supply because phones seemed to be readily available via wireless carriers and Best Buy. Either demand is weak at $1K+, or too much supply.

    • Miles per Day

      Yeah should be interesting to see what really happened.

      • Joe

        I picked up one of my pre-ordered phones by the 5th Ave Apple store… there were what seemed like thousands of people waiting in a line (since the middle of the night) — supposedly they were all eventually going to get one. Most of them looked like they were sending their phone off to Asias somewhere. My gut tells me that domestically with carrier deals and what not, it might not be a great reseller in the state, but internationally, it’ll probably make resellers some good $$.

  • Kumar

    Lol loved the exchange on FB. Even with backorder of 3 – 4 weeks no one was biting?? Thats strange.

  • Vince

    I’ve had some success with re-selling this time. I sold a couple in the 1395-1430 range (256 GB version) on Swappa and Craigslist. For whatever reason, I have never had much success when attempting to re-sell a base model version. I agree with your overall assessment of the phone. I love both the screen and the size. Face ID makes the user experience smoother than Touch ID in my opinion. While privacy concerns are warranted, I think it’s a technology that’s here to stay.

    One cool little feature: when receiving a call, when you get closer to the phone and look at it, the ringer volume automatically decreases b/c it recognizes your proximity.

    • Miles per Day

      Yeah I heard others at least were able to move the 256GB on Swappa.

      Didn’t know about the ringer volume decreasing. That sounds cool.

  • Mark Ostermann

    Haha classic back and forth from FB – I got similar stupid responses on my SNES listing.