Preparing to buy Taylor Swift concert tickets


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Taylor Swift just dropped a new album.  Well she also announced tour dates as well.  She’s using Ticketmaster verified fan, but with a huge twist.  See, for Pink, Sam Smith, and other artists, when you bought tickets recently, they’ve given you a free CD.  With Taytay, you’ll have to buy her album to get a better spot IN LINE TO BUY TICKETS.  You see, every activity you do (buy an album, buy merchandise, watch videos) will earn you “boosts.”  The number of boosts will determine your place in line. I just started the other day so I’m only at around 100 boosts now and I’m “33% away from the front of the line.”  Fans on reddit have something like 3000 boosts or so.  It’s ridiculous.  At this point, I just want to be in like the top 10% or 5%; close enough to get floor seats; I don’t necessarily need to be the first in line here.

Take note that each location is different, so you could be 99% in line in Seattle, but if you change to LA, you could be 80% in line.  I’m not sure if quantity and price point matters, but I’m sure they do.  For the record, I do plan on going to the concert and will probably have to buy tickets second hand because clicking on these videos daily is going to drive me insane like Desmond the guy from “Lost.”  If you don’t plan on going, here’s how I did with the last tour.

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  • ks83

    so I set up the account yesterday and watched all the videos 10 times each to get a total boost of 61. Shouldn’t the counter reset today? its still showing 10 even after multiple refreshes and the boost counter is not increasing.

    • Miles per Day

      protip – copy and paste the progress bar into wordpad and it’ll tell you how far you are away from the front of line.

      • ks83

        Thanks for that, I am 71% away. The 24 hour reset doesn’t seem to work either. Is it working for you?

    • Miles per Day

      it may also be 24 hr reset and not calendar day

  • Jake

    So where does Taylor rank on your scale? 5?

    • Miles per Day

      Definitely a 5.