How I did on those Garth Brooks tickets


Last week, I wrote about a ticket flipping opportunity for Garth Brooks in Seattle.  Even with all the warnings from you guys in the comments, my Viet gambling blood got the best of me.  So let’s recap on what happened on Friday.


Server crash

I had my desktop and phone ready to go at exactly 10:00AM.  Immediately searched for 2 tickets.  Then waited…and waited…and waited.  After 11 minutes, my mobile came back with NO TICKETS.  A few seconds later, I got this message on my desktop:

Yup, it seems the Saturday night show was sold out and they opened up a Friday night show.  The seats I got were in lower section 16A, so I went ahead and bought the pair for about $154 all in.  I then looked on Stubhub and they already had the listing up:

By 10:30AM, he added a Sunday night show!  However, I wound up getting Floor 1 tickets for $154 all in as well.

By 10:35AM, a reader said his Friday night tickets just sold on Stubhub.  I knew I had to act fast and so I went and listed both of my tickets on Stubhub immediately.

By 10:45AM, he opened up a Saturday afternoon show!!! Once that happened, I stopped trying to buy more tickets.

By 10:48AM, I had sold my Friday night tickets for a take home price of around $350 ($200 profit).

I noticed someone else who listed floor Sunday tickets sold his for pair for $399 each, so that’s what I priced it at.  Then the flood came.  I lowered it to $299 and still no bites.  I eventually lowered them to $120 sale price at 2PM and sold them then.   I was done.  I wanted out before the market got worse.


Lessons Learned

My Friday night tickets netted me $200 and the Sunday night floor seats only netted me $60 for the pair.  Total ROI of 84%.  Not too shabby.  Coulda been more, coulda been less.  The lesson learned here is early bird gets the worm!  If I had listed the tickets on SH as soon as I bought them, I could have made a whole lot more money (esp those awesome Sunday night floor tickets.)  While the profit was nice, I thought the adrenaline rush of buying the tickets was more rewarding.  There’s a high of waiting for TM to come back with tickets.  It’s a rollercoaster ride.  Will I flip these again?  Heck yea!

  • David Klein

    Congrats! Glad to see how you did so soon after.

    • Miles per Day

      Yeah, key was moving them like they were hot potatoes. His Spokane show hits on Friday, so I may try for a round 2. Haha.

  • Justin

    Nice! Awesome ROI