Garth Brooks coming to Seattle (be ready Friday Sept 29)


I was browsing Twitter last week and saw an article that Garth Brooks was coming to Seattle.  For shits and giggles, I clicked through and saw this “This will be the last Garth Brooks World Tour concert on the West Coast, and the first time Brooks has performed in the Seattle-Tacoma area in 19 years.”  My eyes lighted up with dollar signs.  I was then all prepared to buy the tickets last Friday only to find out in the last 10 minutes that the tickets would actually go on sale THIS COMING FRIDAY, SEPT 29 AT 10AM PST. 

I usually don’t write about ticket flip opportunities mostly because I’m not the one finding them, but since I stumbled this one on my own, I’ll gladly share with you guys.  A few things to watch out for:

  1. All tickets seem to be priced at $75 all in, which means GET THE BEST SEATS!
  2. There is a slight chance he may open up another showing.  If he does, there’s a good chance you lose money.
  3. Also make sure the concert isn’t checking ID’s to match the tickets.  Doesn’t look like this is happening with this concert, but if it it, ABANDON SHIP!
  4. Don’t go over ticket limits

This ticket flip is like you having a 17 in blackjack while the dealer is showing a 6.  You’ll most likely win, but if he flips over a 5, you’re gonna get burned.  If a 5 gets flipped over, don’t blame me.  Only make this play if you won’t cry if a 5 is flipped over.  Damn that Viet gambling blood!

  • Peter

    What do you think about the Maroon 5 tickets for NYE in Vegas (12/30 and 12/31 at Mandalay Bay)? Are those resellable?

    • Miles per Day

      Haven’t deal with Maroon 5 or NYE tickets, so don’t know. Gut says NO, but you do you.

  • David Klein

    Vinh – I highly recommend being cautious with Garth. He’ll announce 2 shows and as soon as they sell out or get close, he’ll continue to add. When he played Denver a couple years back, it was 2 shows that were announced and it grew to 9 (!) shows over 5 or 6 days. Garth will also do 2 shows a night on weekends (an early and a late show) and even a matinee on Sundays and an evening show that night. Essentially, Garth will put on enough shows to supply whatever demand there is for tickets. If you get crazy great seats, you can probably stand to make something, but if you get “eh” seats, I recommend not bothering at all. But I think the margins will be exceptionally thin on this one. So while it may be one show announced now, it’ll grow to 4-6 shows easily if demand there. Be cautious.

    • Miles per Day

      Yeah that’s what I heard David. I think I’ll try to get the best seats I can and try to flip fast before he schedules more shows.

      • David Klein

        One more word of caution – they won’t announce the release of shows at a later time. They’ll “roll” into them and they’ll go live within probably the 1st 20-30 minutes of the initial onsale. As people try for tickets, a little pop up thing will show up showing that show is sold out, but tickets are now available for a new date. I’ll be curious how you do if you go for it.

        • Miles per Day

          You know I’m still going to go for it. It’s in my blood!

          • David Klein

            I figured as much Vinh. I’m looking forward to seeing how you do with it. LOL.