How I did with those LA Galaxy vs Manchester United tickets


A reader tipped me off to these tickets.  He had mentioned the game in 2014 was a hot ticket and expected this one to be the same.  I took a gamble and bought 4 tickets in ROW A on one of the corners (thinking row A would be a good buy vs a back row in a better section.)  I can’t find my email, but I paid $199 face per ticket plus fees, which came out to be around $880 or so for all 4 tickets.


Listing them on Stubhub

As soon as I bought them, I listed them on Stubhub for a take-home price of $250 or so per ticket.  Then the tickets sat and collected cobwebs.


Your tickets will expire

I had forgotten about the tickets until a few days ago when Stubhut notified me that I had tickets expiring in 7 days.  That’s when I logged on and dropped the price to $149 to the buyer, which means I’d only net $135.  All 4 sold within a couple of days.  Total haul – $540.  Total loss – $340 or so.


Lessons Learned

I knew it’d be a gamble with these tickets.  The main lesson learned here is I really should have only bought 2 instead of 4 since I had no background on how soccer tickets would do.  That and I should have probably paid more attention to the falling prices on Stubhub.  Heck, even as I write this post, there are still first hand tickets available on the site and tons of tickets on Stubhub selling for less than face.  Supply > Demand.  Ouch!

  • disqust101

    Glad you got burned.

  • Mark Ostermann

    That blows – probably bigger in 14 since it was the first time maybe? Were you ever able to unload those pikachu Nintendo ds?

    • Miles per Day

      I don’t follow soccer. Maybe Rooney isn’t playing or maybe he was more popular back in 2014. As for the Pikachus, I plan on waiting near XMAS for those.

      • Mark Ostermann

        Ahh good decision on Xmas!

      • glngarryglnross

        Roony isnt even on ManU anymore LOL