limiting you to 8 gift cards during AMEX Offer promo period


I was looking at a way to use up my AMEX Offers on and decided buying gift cards was the thing to do since I didn’t really need anything else from them.  I had placed 5 orders of 2-5 gift cards per order.  Soon after I placed the orders, I got an email saying:

Thank you for your recent Jet purchase. Your order is processing and you should receive an email with tracking information once the order has shipped.

We have identified and suspended your associated accounts, please continue shopping and saving with the account from this order. Please note that any new accounts created will result in the suspension of all associated accounts, including this one.

Feel free to respond to this email with any questions or concerns that you may have.



Multiple accounts

Let’s back up real fast.  I had made multiple accounts back in the day to get the new customer bonus.  They eventually cancelled one of my accounts and I told them I’d use this account going forward.  I hadn’t bought anything from them in a long time.  So it was odd that they would detect the multiple accounts AGAIN when I thought the other account was already ‘dead.’

I then decided to reply to the email to let them know the situation with my accounts.  They responded very quickly.  After we resolved the multiple account situation, I then asked them what the limit was on gift cards.  This is what they said (bolding mine)

Thank you for your response.

For this certain American Express promotion that is going on, the maximum amount that is being allowed is 8 total gift cards per user. At this point, after reviewing your order history our max amount already been exceeded, as you have purchased a total of 19 gift cards.

Please keep an eye out for any future promotions offered from American Express or Jet, to continue saving with us. You are also more than welcome to also always check out Jet’s return user promo codes: https:

Please let us know if you have any other questions. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


Order Verification



Oddly enough, they still shipped out all 5 of my orders.  However, I don’t plan on buying any more gift cards during the promo.  A reader I know did attempt fate and they banned his account for good basically saying, “We warned you and you still did it.  Peace!”  I think it’s interesting that the right hand (order verification) knows what the left hand (marketing department) is doing.  That’s so rare these days.

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  • Ani Patil

    Yea I am well over that “8 limit”. The trick is not to do too many orders all at once.

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  • anthonyjh21

    Did you do any on your wife’s account? Just curious if anyone has had any issues doing 8 on each account under the same household.

    • Miles per Day

      never created one for wife, but i used diff emails for myself. my guess is they either name check or address check for dupe accounts.

  • Joe

    Maybe it is 8 per day. I did 8 per day per person about 40 total gift cards without an issue

    • Miles per Day

      interesting. when was your last order? i guess keep going until they warn you.

      • Joe

        A reader on doc reported the same problem you ran into on day one. So I limited my orders to 8 per day. My last order was the middle of the week and all have shipped without warning. Waiting on the last shipment

    • anthonyjh21

      How seasoned was your account?

      • Joe

        I’ve only used with Amex offers … but my account has been open a while

    • JP

      Were they the same type of gift cards? I was told by Jet that it was 8 of the same exact type. So, you could in theory order 8 x $25 Walmart, 8 x $50 Walmart, 8 x $25 Starbucks, etc.