My first 4DX movie theater experience



I saw my first 4DX movie theater in Dubai when “In The Heart of The Sea” was showing.  I was gonna watch it, but each ticket was something like $30, so I passed.  When I got back to the US, I found a handful of 4DX theaters, none in Seattle though.  Fast forward to “Wonder Woman” last month, a friend told me she went to the 4DX showing for $4 (instead of $26) due to T-Mobile Tuesdays.  Apparently Regal Cinemas opened one in downtown Seattle.  So when T-Mobile did their $4 movie ticket for “War for the Planet of the Apes,” I decided to go see the 4DX showing in Seattle.



We had booked the noon showing on a Sunday on Friday night.  We had to reserve our seats at the time of booking, which I still have mixed feelings over.  When I walked in, I noticed that the screen wasn’t as big as IMAX screens.  It seemed like a normal screen (not even as big as the HDX screens.)  There are fewer seats due to the 4DX seats being bigger than normal seats.  You also have to “step up” into the seat (seen in picture.)  The first thing you’ll notice is the tube by your feet.  On the chair, you can also select betwen “Water Off and On.”  That’s about it physically.

Once the movie started, you could feel the chair moving.  I even wondered if we needed seat belts.  There were vibrations as well when an explosion hit the ground.  One part, when the scene was raining, the chair rained water down on you for a bit.  There were 2 big strobe lights on the sides of the movie theater when there was a huge explosion or say lightning.  When there was a beach scene or winds blowing, there would be gusts of air coming from the seat in front of you.  I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and was cold the entire movie.  When an actor would get hit, there would be a quick burst of air coming from your headrest hitting you in the side of your face.  Even with all those effects, I still fell asleep twice during the movie, but that’s just me.



It may have been the movie choice.  I didn’t particularly enjoy the movie and actually would have left when I woke up in the middle of the movie.  I think movie choice is key.  I only went to experience the 4DX vs actually wanting to watch the movie.  Would I ever pay $26 for a 4DX again?  NOOOOOO.  Would I ever go back for $4 Tmo Tuesdays?  Only if it’s a movie I’d watch in a normal theater.  Would I prefer an IMAX movie closer to my house than a 4DX movie?  I’d lean towards the IMAX.

  • Mark Ostermann

    I had done a short one at our zoo with the kids (like 10 mins of rio) – something different but not something I would want for a movie I was really interested in. Getting sprayed in the face when the bird pooped had its novelty though haha