Oh Oh Hilton’s playing the Andaz Maui game of hiding award inventory based on stay length


I had written about how the Andaz Maui was playing games with award inventory.  Oh wait, I had complained on Twitter or something since I can’t find the post.  Essentially, if you search for 5 nights at the Andaz Maui, you’ll see award inventory.  If you search 2 nights during that same time period, you don’t see results.  I don’t remember Hyatt’s response, but clearly it’s bullshit.  Well, not to be outdone by Hyatt, it looks like Hilton (specifically the Conrad Koh Samui) is playing the same game:


4 night stay

Everything looks normal


5 night stay

Looks good still.  Remember the points are lower since the 5th night is free.

4 night stay checking in a day later than 1st example

Aaaaand lets the games begin


Lessons Learned

I’m currently in the process of figuring out the best way to get around this.  I think if I book the first 4 night and ask the hotel or HH to shift it a day, they may not see the availability.  I might have to book the 5 night and then call HH to see if they can downgrade it to 4 night and AXON the stay instead of the 5th night free.  Or maybe there doesn’t need to be standard room availability on the free 5th night?!?

  • Varun

    AXON awards no longer exist

  • Danny Salgado

    I ran into this with Hyat. I Booked the 5 days, sent a DM via Twitter, and they adjusted the stay to the lower amount.

    • Mark Ostermann

      Hilton’s twitter team is useless!

    • Miles per Day

      I know. I’ve had it happen with Hyatt. This is on Hilton which is new.