My January 2017 mini app-o-rama


App-o-ramas for me these days are pretty easy since I don’t even bother to look at Chase, Barclay’s, or USBank.  I don’t really hit up Citi that much either just because nothing really entices me and I have a good number of AA miles collecting dust.  The last time I did an AOR was back in June 2016 but even then, it was only for 2 cards (Prestige and Spark.)  I only reason I did this AOR was because I saw Frequent Miler’s post.  So let’s go (in order of application.)

By the way, shoutout to Milenerd’s monthly post.  That’s where I got all the links to the apps.


Citi AA 50K (non 24 month rule) – Approved after call

Straight to pending.  Not how I wanted to start an AOR, but whatever.  A day later I called Citi and after a 30 minute phone call (long CR perhaps?,) I was able to move CL from my Prestige and was approved!


BoA Merrill + Card 50K points – Approved in email

Got the card for this reason.  Straight to pending as well.  Man, swung and missed twice.  Not looking good AT ALL.  For reference, I had closed out ALL of my BOA cards a few months ago since I heard that improves your success rate.  Eventually I got an email that I was approved for the card.  Thank goodness!


BoA Alaska Personal 30K + $100 credit – INSTANT APPROVED for 20K CL

Ahhh finally an instant approval!  Glad I closed all those BoA cards after all.


BoA Alaska Business 30K – INSTANT APPROVED for 5K CL

Things are looking up!


BoA Amtrak – APPROVED for 15K

Goooooaaaaaaaaaoooooool.  Odd how both AS and Amtrak were so easily approved but Merril went immediately to pending.  I don’t even know why I picked this card since I didn’t really like my last Amtrak ride.  I just hope my points don’t expire due to inactivity.


BoA Travel Rewards Business 25K – APPROVED after moving CL

I’m not sure why FM picked the Biz over the personal.  Maybe it’s because it gives 5K more points.  Anyway, this also went straight to pending.  I sorta gave up on this card, but BOA called me the next day and gave me the classic Chase Ink business grilling – essentially asking me all the info I had filled out – nature of business, how long in business, gross revenue, net revenue.  She then busted out, “I see that you applied and was approved for a number of personal cards yesterday and another business card.  Why did you want this card?”  THINK FAST!  I actually forgot which biz card I was approved for so I asked her and she said the AS Biz.  I then told her that the AS card was for travel related business expense, this card would be to buy inventory for the business, and the personal cards were for personal use.  She then put me on a pretty long hold…

She came back on and said “unfortunately we can’t approve you at this time…”  I thought oh well, it was worth a try anyway.  Then she continued, “If you want to move credit from another card, then we can approve you for this…”  WELL DUH!  I asked her to move 10K from the AS personal but she said she could only take $3500.  I asked her if this would still be a Visa Signature card.  She told me, “Uhh this is a Mastercard.’  DOUGH!  She proceeded to tell me it’d be the SAME card.  I should have asked her if the signup bonus still applied, but moronically didn’t do it.


Capital One Venture Rewards – Denied

I’m pretty sure I had a Venture many moons ago and I currently have 2 Sparks.  I’m crossing my fingers for this one.

Update – Denied for too many inquiries


AMEX Hilton Surpass 100K – Approved after call

I didn’t really want this card.  I only did it to test this theory.  This would be my 5th CREDIT card with AMEX after my Blue, SPG, SPG Biz, and Simplycash.  Lesson learned – don’t call at night time PST since India will pick up and can’t help.  I called the next day and after verifying that I was the one applying for the card, I was approved!



Seven out of 8 approvals isn’t too shabby.  I have to be honest here – I actually don’t like applying for cc’s these days.  I don’t like making reconsideration calls and being grilled like the BoA Biz Travel card.  But if I don’t do these AoR’s, then it’s money left on the table.  I wouldn’t have banged out as many BoA cards, but since I saw FM’s success, I went and tried myself.

  • shoook

    What has been the average impact on your credit score after an AOR? Trying to decide how to go about my first one.

    • Miles per Day

      I don’t know. Prob 20-30 points but recovers in 2 months.

      • shoook


  • New to FF

    if Barclays was available to you, which cards would you go after? I’m tempted to pull the trigger on the Arrival + and looking for a few other options. I already have JetBlue personal and Aviator Red

    • Miles per Day


  • Kliff

    I applied for the Amex Business Platinum Card (with 25k referral) and was looking for another card to go along with the hard inquiry (Can’t get the higher Green / EDP to show up), and decided to give a shot after seeing your post. I figure if i’m at the 4 cc limit then i’ll just call to cancel BCE.

    I have BCE, ED, SPG, and SPG Biz already. The Amex Hilton Surpass application went pending at first, and then approvd automatically the next day. this would be my 5th credit card from AMEX. Thanks!

    • Miles per Day

      I had wanted the Green or Gold cards too, but couldn’t get it to show up. Gave up after a dozen tries. Good to know others are able to get the Hilton as their 5th card.

  • Raj

    The Alaska Biz card has a $100 credit too? I thought that was personal only?

    • Miles per Day

      Oh I think you’re right. It doesn’t.

    • SH

      I’d like to know the answer to this too. Where did you find the $100 statement credit on the biz card?

  • ABC

    You won’t be able to get CSR for another two years.

    • Miles per Day

      I’m okay with that. I made the decision that Amex offers are way more profitable than any Chase cards.

      • Mark Ostermann

        Aren’t you banned from chase anyway?

        • Miles per Day

          I am but I’m an AU on my mom’s CSR and Ink.

  • Jordan

    What are your plans for the Amtrak points?

    • Miles per Day

      Ride it out. Get it? Haha I slay! Don’t forget to tip your waitress! Nah, I’ll eventually find a way to book the tickets; prob for friends.

  • Neal

    You got lucky on the 5th Amex credit card. I was shot down last week (have three business and one personal amex credit cards, was applying for an additional business card). Decision was immediate and explanation was I have the maximum number of this product.

    Also, most reports I’ve seen indicate Merrill+ applications go to pending (I’m sure there are instant approvals out there, but I don’t recall seeing any such data points). Mine went to pending for perhaps 24 hours, then was approved (along with a few other BoA applications).

    • Miles per Day

      I don’t think it’s luck. I think we just haven’t figured out the algorithm yet.

      • Neal

        True – perhaps the fact this would have been my 4th business card (for the same business) is a negative. Looks like you had two personal and two business when you applied. Tempted to try a personal card – will report back if I do.

  • Mark Ostermann

    Can you not churn the Venture card for the sign up bonus or are you more worried they won’t give it to you since they have extended you a lot of credit on the biz cards already?

    • Miles per Day

      No I’ve just been too lazy to call them.

      • Mark Ostermann

        I had one about 2-3 years ago and would like to get it again – wasn’t sure if they were a stickler on giving out the bonus more then once. Nothing beats those Spark sign ups though haha!

        • Justin

          Wife and I each have a Spark… are you able to get the signup bonus repeatedly? Or can you open one in another business’s name to get the bonus again?

          • Mark Ostermann

            There are 2 types of sparks cash and rewards…did you get both?

          • Miles per Day

            The 2 sparks i have are cash

        • Justin

          We each have a cash, that’s all… as soon as I wrote you I remembered there is the rewards version also. That’s good to know, though, that Vinh has multiple cash ones!

  • John

    You’ve never had the Hilton Amex Surpass card? You got approved for FIVE BofA cards, all from the same day?

    • Mark Ostermann

      I have done 3 – 1 biz and 2 personal before on the same day

    • Miles per Day

      I actually forgot if it was the regular or Surpass because in my history, I just wrote “AMEX HH.” I didn’t think at the time there’d be so many variants. Now that I think about it, I probably DID have the card in the past so not sure if I’ll get the bonus or not.

      And yes, they were all same day.

      • sam song

        As usual great post Vin. I am also planning on getting few more Alaska cards and thinking if I should close some BOA card like you and also when is the best time to apply.

        I have 2 Alaska airlines, 2 cash reward, 2 Alaska business, and one Merrill lynch that was opened Dec 1. The Merrill lynch card was approved with only 5k credit limit so most likely I don’t have a chance to get instant approval on new cards. Do you think if I close 2-3 cards now and apply in a week my chances will improve or I should wait longer?

        • Miles per Day

          That sounds aggressive. People usually do it every 90 days. But yes, I’d close everything before doing AOR. Now some ppl of late are saying they are getting rejections even after 90 days, so YMMV.