A better pair of jeans than Banana Republic’s Traveler Jeans


I had written about looking for a pair of traveling jeans a while back.  While I liked my North Face pants and will probably still wear them for flights, the only downside to them is that they aren’t “breathable,” meaning your legs could get pretty warm.  Then the other week, this happened to my favorite pair of Sevens.  This was actually the 3rd time in the past few years this has happened and the 2nd from a pair of Seven for all Mankind jeans.  Anyway, I went to a local tailor to get them fixed.  Then I went to the Nordstrom Rack for some Christmas shopping.


Paige Denim

While at the Rack, I was browsing the denim rack and was touching all the jeans to find the softest pair.  Then my hands stopped on a pair of Paige denim jeans.  I had never heard of them before, and immediate grabbed 3 pairs to try on.  As soon as I put on the first pair, I instantly fell in love.  The jeans were soft like paternity jeans, if there was such a thing.  I then went and grabbed all 6 different styles and went Goldilocks and picked out the best two.  I concluded the softest [and nicest] pair was the slimmest pair I grabbed.  I like to call these the “pick a side” jeans.  Imagine it for a second and you’ll know why.


Comparison to the BR traveler jeans

I know a lot of readers like the BR traveler jeans, and so later that day, I went to try on a pair again.  Sure enough, the Paige jeans were hands down softer and more comfortable.  Seeing as how rare it is the BR jeans go on sale, you’re most likely paying $60-100 for a pair.  The Paige jeans were $80-$100 at the Rack.



If you’re a designer jean wearer like Sevens or True Religion, go try on the Paige denim jeans, especially the slim pair.  Super super soft.  Just know you’ll have to pick a side.  😉