Review – Emirates 777 First Class from Seattle to Dubai


I won’t write a full review; I’m sure you’ve seen and read it all before, so this will be short and sweet.  I initially booked this about 9 months out in business class using Alaska miles.  A month or so out, First class opened up, and I was able to sweet talk the Alaska agent to change me to First class using the old award chart.  I’m glad I did because it’s so costly now to redeem for EK F on AS miles.  This flight was similar to my Cape Town – Dubai flight.  We chose the 5pm departure because the 9AM one was full.


Dom Perignon 1998

I didn’t realize it at the time, but after my wife and I finished the first bottle of Dom 2006, the FA brought by a bottle of Dom 1998, saying it was a special vintage.  I thought it was because we were special (since we were the only people in first class,) but a few days later Ben wrote about it on his blog.  Now let me tell you, I usually prefer Krug over Dom, and since things are relative, I hadn’t had Krug in a while, so thought the Dom 2006 was great.  But man, when I tasted the Dom 1998, it was a night and day difference.  It was much smoother and just more delicious.  When we drank it all and they went back to the 2006, you could tell the 2006 is “harsher” than the 1998.  To be honest, I don’t remember my first sip of Dom on an F cabin, but I will remember the contrast between the Dom 2006 and 1998.


Hennessy Paradis

After the 3 bottles of Dom and dinner, I passed out.  I don’t remember much.  Later, my wife told me she had some Hennessy after her meal.  I was like, “Hennessy?”  Then I looked back through my photos of the menu… “holy crap, they’re still serving Hennessy Paradis on the flight.”  Price – $970 on Bevmo.


Wifi for $1

I don’t remember how much data you got; maybe 500MB, but for $1, you can’t beat it.



Sorry if you expected a more in depth review.  I’m sure you can Google it.  Oh lastly, while having dessert, the FA told me to move to the right side of the cabin and see the aurora borealis (that’s the black picture below.)  While it was cool to see, since we were flying, the aurora borealis wasn’t “dancing” to us, so it was just a speck of green in the dark skies.  That is on my to do list one day though – see it in person on the ground.

Lastly, shout out to the Emirates Twitter team for hooking us up with the cake.  We carried that through Dubai and the Hilton Northolme, and finished it off on the last few days at the Hilton Labriz.  To be honest, it was more headache carrying it around to that many places, but we surely couldn’t have finished it on the flight.  On the flip side, I reached out to the Etihad Twitter team and while they said they would do something, nothing was done, so thanks EK!




  • Ken

    How did you book this, AS points?

    • Miles per Day

      yes, pre-deval

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