No seriously, go change your passwords


If you’ve been living under a rock, then you may not have heard that Yahoo had another billion passwords hacked.  I don’t know how many passwords Yahoo has in total, but I think it’s safe to assume that if you’ve ever had a Yahoo email account, it’s been hacked.  I know a few people who got their Amazon accounts hacked and people had bought stuff with the account.  My wife said Amazon emailed her to let her know her email address and password was publicly posted on a web site.  The point is – GO CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS!

I’ve been using Lastpass now for months and have been happy with it.  Sure there are some sites that it has issues with, but for the most part, it’s fine.  While I haven’t changed all of my passwords, I’ve changed most of my bank passwords and have no idea what the passwords are unless I view it in Lastpass (which is a good thing.)  So take some time during the holidays to change your passwords.

  • gk08

    I assume that the issue is people using the same log in information on multiple websites so once someone has access to one credential set they are able to log in to other websites. Or they’ve stored log in information in their web mail? If you’re using lastpass you should be clear of either of those two issues correct?

    • Miles per Day

      Right. It’s usually ppl using the same password on every one of their accounts, so if you know their email, you can try that password on every site. Lastpass or any pswd program would generate a unique pswd for every site so if ur hacked, only that one site is hacked.

  • Ken

    I use KeePass which is similar to LastPass except my passwords are stored locally on my PC instead of on the LastPass server.