My wife’s Chase shutdown letter


I had written a few weeks ago of Chase shutting down my wife.  Well here’s the official letter.  It seems it was “because of unexpected activity you conducted on this or another Chase account.”  Not quite sure what that means.  Could be because of my shutdown; I’m not sure if I’ll ever really know.  They did mention my mortgage was safe.




  • Serge

    Jut had my third shutdown from Chase. I got a letter, but wording was different – something like ‘banking side decided to terminate relationship’. I didn’t have checking though. I believe shutdown was due to human eyes laid on my account because of charge dispute I filed with chase. Merchant responded that charge was valid, but my point was that merchant didn’t deliver merchandize, he collected money and disappeared. Seems, Chase didn’t think long what to do. BTW, I waited 6 mo after my second shutdown and got fairmont cc.

  • Phil

    Any idea why they closed it?

  • GLR

    I got one of these too. Do you think the ban to use or open chases accounts is for 7 year?

    • Miles per Day

      I’ve heard from people who have gotten in after a year or so (non branded cards though), meaning Hyatt is OKAY but not Freedom/Ink.