A mini app-o-rama for my wife November 2016


The last AOR I did for my wife was back in July 2016, so it was time to get her some new cards.  Remember that she’s banned from Barclays and Chase due to myself, so our choices were a bit limited.  Haha.


AMEX N(ew) OBC – Approved in email after a day

A $50K limit is still a $50K limit.  Plus I wanted more personal cards since some of those AMEX offers are only appearing on personal cards.


Bank of America Travel Rewards – Instant Approval

I actually applied for this card FIRST since it’s the one I really wanted.  Since moving our brokerage account over, she qualifies for the Platinum Preferred bonus, so this is a 2.625% travel card.  It’s going to be my go-to card going forward.

Also note that the only outstanding BOA card she had was a personal AS card.


Bank of America Merrill Visa – Approval after a few days

No one talks about this card much.  The signup bonus is worth ~$500; I don’t plan on putting spend on the card.  Doc has a writeup here.  The app went to pending and I waited about 5 days before I redeemed my Wifemiles.  She then called in and they told her she was already approved and told me, “You embarrassed me.”  But hey, at least it was approved!


Bank of America Business Alaska – Approval after a few days

Sure why not.  Didn’t even call in.


I’d write more but the pitchforks would come out like they did to MMS.  I thought about getting a Citi card, but wasn’t sure one so just passed on it.  I SHOULD have gotten the Discover Miles and another Cap1 card, but I’ll wait until the next round.

  • J. Greisman

    Congrats. Didn’t think you had any wifemiles left. Unless that trip to Seyelles replenished it.

  • ABC

    Quite the teaser. How many cards did she get?