ENDS TODAY – Two free tablets and service from Tmobile


This deal ends TODAY Sunday the 20th.  Tmobile currently has a deal for 2 free phone lines (with bill credits) good for new and existing customers.  All you have to do is pay the $20 sim card fee.  The line should inherit the base data plan for all the lines on the account.  What makes this deal even better is that it’ll stack with the free tablet and/or car Sync Drive promo.  You can read this Slickdeals thread for more, but I’m going to blatantly copy and paste here.

Quick update from the Executive Response Team / Office of the President/CEO.
I just spoke to them over the phone and can share the following (11/19 3pm PST):

  1. The “up to” $25 discount on the tablet lines is “per line”, NOT per account. E.g. a $45 plan data plan would get a $10 discount if you have a voice line and up to 25$ in bill credits, making you pay $10 plus taxes. In essence, as many have said, the 6GB high speed data lines for $35 are free plus tax the way. You can do that for 2 lines. A 2GB data line would be free but you don’t get any “extra” credit. Voice lines don’t have this limit.
  2. They confirmed the requirements about the promo being void if any lines were recently canceled (within 90 days). You would have to resume these lines first.
  3. The promo lines will forfeit their free billing credit status if/when you change any line on your account in the future. If you change account responsibility for a line on your account, if you port out a number, if you cancel a line, does not matter. Any change of this nature. You can always add, but if you cancel any line on your account at ANY time in the future, then these 2 free lines will become regular lines to be paid for. Something important to keep in mind. So, “freeze” your account, or be OK with having the promo for a while until you might change your account.
  4. They could not comment on the iPad Mini, if any, and what the requirements might be.


and more:


  1. There is a max of 2 free lines per account, if your current account already has 1 free line from a previous promotion then you can only add 1 more free line.
  2. The 2 free lines are in addition to the current number of lines you have in the account. If your account has 6 lines you can’t convert two of those lines into free ones, the promo will give you 6 + 2 free lines.
  3. John Legere mentioned that this promo applies to all existing customers with a Simple Choice Plan or a T-mobile One plan. However, stay posted for more clarification tomorrow.
  4. Yes, the free line can be used for the new SyncUp Drive car device. It will give the device 2GB. The SyncUp devices will be only available until they go into backorder, after that you won’t be able to get one of the free lines with SyncUp. More info on Sync up here http://www.t-mobile.com/internet-…drive.html.
  5. Yes, you can add tablets as the free lines. The bill credits for tablet lines are limited to $25, this means that you can only get a data allotment withing $25, anything above it you will have to pay the difference. Whethter $25 limit is per line or per account is unknown yet.
  6. How much data are the free voice lines going to have? It is going to be the most affordable that you have in your current account. If you have 1 line with Unlimited, 1 line with 10GB, 1 line with 6GB, the two free voice lines are going to get 6GB. If you the free lines to have more data, just upgrade the 6GB line to something higher before adding the 2 free voice lines. If all your lines have the same amount of data allotment, the free ones will get the same too, including unlimited plans.
  7. How long are the lines free? Forever as long as you don’t close any of the lines that were active when you added the promo. If you had 4 lines, and added 2 free ones and in the future close any of those 6 lines it will void the bill credits given to the 2 free lines.
  8. You are also limited by your credit. If your credit allows for X amount of lines and the 2 free lines would put you over that limit then you won’t be able to get an additional free line.
  9. Do I have to buy new phones to get the free lines? No, you can bring your own device. You will have to pay $20 per simcard.
  10. Does the 2 free lines promo applies for prepaid? No, only post paid customers
  • ddd

    So, I have to be paying for 2 lines in order to get additional 2 lines for free?

  • resonance940

    You can get the SIM cards free by using the code “FREESIM”.