Capital One now allows debit card payments online


For the longest time, Capital One has allowed debit card payments by phone.  Every now and again, the rep would say, “eventually we’re going to let you do this online.”  I laugh at them since I know that day would never come.  Well, it seems like that day has come.  Pretty self explanatory here folks.  It hasn’t rolled out to all users yet (my wife’s account doesn’t have it yet.)  Also, I haven’t found a way to remove debit cards yet.

For the angry trolls out there, this isn’t anything new from the phone payments, so put down your pitchforks.  What is the significance in this?  Well, it’s time to dust off that old matrix.

My account:


Wife’s account:



Update – I see this on both my 1 year old Spark and recently opened Spark.  My wife’s Spark doesn’t have it yet and she got it the same time as my 2nd Spark.  I don’t have any other Cap1 cards.

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  • austin dave

    Vinh, what CapOne card do you have? I have quicksilver but my site layout doesn’t look like yours

    • Miles per Day

      Spark cards.

  • Mark Ostermann

    Have they shut anyone down for multiple payment cards etc? Just wonder if this will lead to that – not that anyone would cap one all that much.

    • Miles per Day

      I have not heard, but phone pymts were restricted to 1 per day, so you couldn’t go that hard anyway.

  • Chris

    How do you access the view in the screenshots?

    • Miles per Day

      Click on ‘Make payment’

      • Chris

        That’s what I thought. My site layout is different. Doesn’t show tiles

        • patty

          Thought the same thing, my site layout is vastly different. Mine looks like something from the 1990’s 🙂 I’m guessing I’m not getting debit card
          payment capability for awhile…

          • Chris

            I feel your pain. I wonder if there is an opt in to the new layout?

          • patty

            Don’t know about that but I did talk to customer service today about debit card payments. He said I would be notified when my account becomes eligible – not sure if that was an indication that I’m going to get the capability, or just a way to get me off chat 😉

          • Chris

            Let me know if it magically appears tomorrow!

          • patty

            Will do!