My Discover Miles 3% double cashback just posted


I signed up for the Discover Miles card last year – you know, the one with 1.5% cashback and then doubled at your anniversary to give you 3% cashback.  I had signed up for the card on March 3rd, 2015.  My first statement was on April 16, 2015.  I didn’t get the double cash back on my April 10, 2016 statement.  I finally got it on my May 10, 2016 statement, so my 13th statement.


My spend

As you can see, I earned 86,000 miles for the Apple Pay promo, which equates to $860 cashback.  That meant I charged $8,600 worth of stuff during the promo.  From the screenshot, you can see I also earned about 60,000 miles “everywhere else.”  This means I charged $600/.015 = $40K on everything else.  Discover then doubled those charges for a total of 145,861 “Discover Match” miles.  

For those keeping score, my CL was only $6,400 on the card.  I didn’t really MS much on it for fear of being shutdown after the first year and voiding my extra 1.5%.


What next

I haven’t looked into it that much, but my plan is to churn the card.  That means I want to close the card, give it some time, and apply for it again to see if I’ll qualify for the double cashback 3% again.  This time, I might go a bit harder, but not enough to risk shutdown.  If you know the churn-ability of this card, please let me know.


  • TrAAveller

    Nice work. I feared they might match the first year on a rolling basis, but it’s great it’s in one-lump sum. It’s been a pain to get my transactions bonused. Tracking the bonus on statements isn’t the easiest to calculate. But I maxed out my Apple Pay, quarterly bonus categories and some portal bonuses. Expecting over $1600 USD (so far) in doubling bonus this November. It was an unbelievable offer.

    • Miles per Day

      Well lump-sum is more dangerous in case they shut you down before they pay out.

      • John

        Are second miles cards or even third getting the cash back match?

  • Ken

    Is the Apple Pay bonus still going on or was that only Q4 last year?

    • Caveman

      Only Q4 last year. It was too good to be true and might not happen ever again.