Reselling the Oculus Rift VR



While I’ve mostly stopped reselling in 2016, I’m also not going to turn down quick and easy money on a reselling opportunity.  I actually had no idea the Oculus VR was even going on preorder until someone told me the day before the preorders were starting.  I was able to buy one within minutes when it went live.  I must have some luck with these hard to buy items.  I had ordered these on January 6 at 8:05AM PST (per the order confirmation email.)  I think the preorders went on sale at 8AM and I know the server crashed at the beginning.


Arrival of item

Fast forward 3 months later and my Oculus arrived in the mail.  Some people’s orders were pushed into the summer, but for some reason, mine shipped in April.  Even the person who told me about the deal got pushed to the summer.  Thus, luck was definitely on my side.  As soon as it arrived, I immediate posted it on eBay with NO RETURNS for $1700 or so.  I waited 24 hrs and saw no nibbles, so I dropped it to $1500 since I saw another auction had closed at $1500.  It sold later that day.  [Update – as I’m typing this on 4/21, it looks like the prices are still in the $1500 range.]

I then chatted with the buyer for a bit.  It appears he also had a preorder but it got pushed until summer, and so he couldn’t wait.  He said he’ll probably give the 2nd one to his wife.  Now those are #FirstWorldProblems.



  • $1644 sell price (buyer paid for overnight shipping)
  • – $137 in eBay fees
  • -$48 Paypal fees
  • -$100 Fedex overnight shipping (notice I was able to pocket the Ebay shipping discount)
  • = $1359   – $656 COST = $703 PROFIT (a 107% ROI)


Lessons Learned

Not all speculative collectors items are this successful though.  You all remember the BB8’s.   I also pre-ordered this Halo Plasma Rifle.  Luckily that item got delayed and I was able to cancel.  How do you know what’s going to be a stud vs a dud?  Try to think of demand vs supply.  Supply seemed to be low for the Oculus (also for the rifle,) but the demand for the Oculus seemed to be way higher than the rifle (maybe only hardcore gamers would buy that gun.)  I say all that, but then throw it all out the window because this ‘hardcore gamer’ controller was only $60 new.  So we’re back to square one with not knowing anything.


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  • Ken

    WOW, that is a healthy profit. Nice work.

    • Miles per Day

      Thanks. Purely luck though.

      • Ken

        A win is still a win.