July 2015 Points Recap


This is the monthly post on how many points I collected in the previous month.  This is NOT a brag and moan post.  This was the impetus of this entire blog; so I could track how many miles and points I earn in a year.  Some of you may do a lot less than this; some may do a lot more.  Do what you feel is comfortable.  Don’t overextend yourself just so you get similar numbers or whatnot.


July was the month that I really stepped back and asked myself if all the runs to grocery stores and Walmarts/Targets are worth it.  I’ve also stopped reselling for the most part.  Now I’m looking for easy low margin plays that I can do in my pajamas.

Remember cashback numbers are also gross, not net.  I’ve also updated the year to date view.

AIR 4,239 Portal Spend
Alaska 0 0 0
American 0 0 0
Southwest 4,239 4,239 0
United 0 0 0
Virgin America 0 0 0
HOTEL 36,071 Portal Spend
Club Carlson 0 0
Hilton 0
Hyatt 0
Starwoods 36,071 36,071
BANK 80,124 Portal Spend
AMEX MR 12,024 12,024
Barclay Arrival 62,802 62,802
Chase UR 5,299 0 5,299
CASHBACK $1,875 Portal Spend
Befrugal $360 360
Cashback Card $0 $0
Discover $0 $0
Ebates $0 $0 $0
Citi Double Cash $390 $390
Savingstar $0 $0
Topcashback $1,125 $1,125
  • Chen Chang

    Hey, quick question, how much in GC’s do you purchase per visit to a supermarket or drug store?

    • Miles per Day

      it depends on the store. Kroger’s limit is $2K with fees per day, Rite Aid is $3K with fees, CVS I think is $2K with fees. Check your supermarket and store for their limits.

  • billy d

    so if i could take a SWAG here, you’re doing say $60k+ / month on AGCs and running a bunch of that through RB cards from friends & fam? pretty sweet….

    • Miles per Day

      Yup pretty much. See my reply to Calvin below.

  • Matt

    How are you getting the $1,800 cash back without reselling? Is it all AMEX GCs?

    • Miles per Day

      Yes, all AGC’s except for the Citi DC route, which were Buxx loads.

  • beaglehug

    Here I am! Reporting for FIRST THING IN THE MORNING blog reading duties! *salute*

    (also, very jealous of your SPG points earn too – amazing)

    • Miles per Day

      That’s right. Read post. Then enter chat room.

  • Calvin Le

    Damn! 36K on Starwood alone! I need some SPG points for hotel and I gotta find a way to spend like you.

    • Miles per Day
      • Calvin Le

        How much money orders do you deposit in your bank account each month? Would it help if I deposited it into different bank accounts so my monthly deposits aren’t as high? I’m trying to see a gauge/threshold for MO deposits without raising any flags.

        • Miles per Day

          I don’t anymore, but when I was, I’d deposit less than 10K a month per CU.

  • tscateh

    Agreed. How are you spending 70K without reselling?

    • Miles per Day

      Lots of AGC and Serve/RB loads. Plus, I’m okay with lower margin for higher volume these days.

      • tscateh

        Wow, you must have a ton of RB/Serve cards! Good for you.

  • Points For Later

    Damn, if 62K on the arrival is stepping back…

    • Miles per Day

      Yes, but you have to assume a 25% fee, so it’s not all gravy. But all of my Arrival points are pajama points, so I love it.