Four “money services” questions you’ll get for American Express Business cards

Introduction I haven’t seen a blog post on this but there is a Flyertalk thread about it.  This happened to my wife last week, and I’ve heard of other readers getting these calls lately so the threshold of getting the call might have dropped.   What is the trigger This seems to happen on AMEX BUSINESS cards. […]

How to buy exclusive American Express tickets from Ticketmaster

Introduction Yesterday (well Monday night) I had written about the opportunity to buy “Hamilton” tickets at face value if you were an AMEX Platinum card member.  I could NOT sleep on Monday night.  I kept twisting and turning and having dreams about, not the show, but the actual ticket purchases.  I seriously dreamed that I […]

My experience with the AMEX Platinum FREE Premium Roadside Assistance

Introduction On Friday after work, my wife came out to her car, the Nissan Leaf, and saw the flat tire.  She then called me to ask what to do.  I asked her to look in the trunk and see if there is a spare tire.  She didn’t know it at the time, but the Nissan […]

American Express changes process for Business Card Authorized Users and why you should care

I haven’t seen this covered in the blogsyet, and even the DoC hasn’t written about it.  And if it’s not on DoC, then has it really happened? I’m not sure when AMEX made this change, but as of a couple of months ago, when you added a new authorized user on a BUSINESS AMEX card, […]