Reader – Chase shut me down to high utilization on the FU card


Another reader got the axe a couple of days ago.  It seems high utilization is what did him in.  He said his FU card had a 60K CL and he was running at 90% for the past 3 months on it.  His Ink had 25% util and he had 90% on a couple of AMEX cards as well (a total of around 60K CL.) He hadn’t applied for any new Chase cards since 2016.  He called in to ask what happened and they specifically mentioned the high utilization as well as an NSF 3 months ago.


Lessons Learned

This is the 2nd time high utilization and/or ramp up in spend has gotten the axe.  I wonder if paying it off early would have helped him since others got the axe for ramp-up in spend.  Since this wasn’t ramp-up, then possibly paying it off would have helped.

It seems these days with Chase, you can’t a) ramp-up in spend or b) have high utilization on either Chase or any of your other credit cards.  They seem to be doing soft pulls regularly and axing who they deem to be risky customers.