A certain national grocery chain is about to lock down MOs

Thanks to a reader who shared the above image. Deep throat tells me it’ll be hard coded very shortly so if this is your liquidation avenue, it’s time to come up with a plan B.

P.s. there’s no blue in the background there.

[Update – As of Nov 29, 2016 the systems have been hard coded not to accept gift cards anymore ]

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  • SJ0.travelinmiles

    since it is hardcoded as a rejection now, can you say what store was this?

    • Mark Ostermann

      Big chain that starts with a K but has lots of different brands

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  • stalker

    Got rejected earlier today at my local store from the same chain.
    The guy at the counter didn’t know what was going on but told me that he’d seen the same thing happen since yesterday.

    No signs here.

  • Paul

    Yep, they’ve got the sign up at one of my two stores. Hope it doesn’t become hard coded.

    • Miles per Day

      Hope you’re not holding your breath Paul…

      • Paul

        Can’t hold my breath and type, now can I?

        • Miles per Day

          Well I got news for you – someone told me the code just dropped. Now hard coded.

          • ABC

            For all brands of GCs?

  • Skor

    Onto the next thing then.. 🙂