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UPDATE 2 – 2 Days later, Microsoft sent me a letter saying they are removing the points because I bought a prepaid gift card.  Looks like they ARE looking at L3 data or flagging unusual spend.  RIP program.

UPDATE – Per comments in Gary’s post, it looks like you’ll get a personal warning after 2 purchases.  Don’t know the details (whether person bought 2x$500 or 2x$1K, but I’ll keep doing it until I get the warning.  Worst case, you should have enough for a free XBOX game or something.


Gary wrote about the new ‘Earn by Microsoft’  program last week.  I was finally able to find a 7-11 store this weekend that let me buy a $500 VGC with my Chase Ink card (after about 3 stores).  As soon as I walked out of the store, I got a text message saying I qualified.

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Earn by Microsoft is still in beta, and “During the beta, that means [redemptions may be made at] only the local Microsoft Stores in Washington, Massachusetts and Arizona.”  Which means rack up all your spend now, then fly to one of those states and redeem all your points.  Max credit is $2000 per year and it expires in a year.  That means $40,000 of spend per year, which is a little over $3,300 of spend per month at 7-11.  I prefer this over Staples since liquidating of $500 is much easier than $200.  Also, I believe you can now buy 2x$500 VGC in one transaction at 7-11.  I wouldn’t try buying a 2nd set back to back because you may have activation issues.  I also wouldn’t try buying 2 cards with a new cashier.  Social engineering is at play here people.  The best card to use is probably the Chase Freedom 5X this quarter at gas stations, and after that, switch to the Ink to get 2X (1K UR for $4.95.)

Use my my referral link to get $10 on your first purchase and $5 for me, else you only get $5, so it’s a win-win for both of us.

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  • Mark

    I signed up for this program and it is amazing for everyday purchases. No hassle of swiping additional reward card on purchase.

    All you need to do is register your card once by providing only your 16 digit card number (No CVV or expiration to be provided) and then just pay with your any bank Visa or master card as you always will. Cashback start accumulating on your account.

    Using this link for signup gives you a $10 Credit. Refer you friends inturn to get $5


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  • sjkpdx

    Vinh, are you purchasing VGC’s at 7-11’s in Washington?

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  • Gaurav Sharma

    Then you should have read the comments as well on Gary`s post

    PSA: Don’t bother buying cash equivalents at 7/11 with this. I got a personal warning after 2 purchaes. They must scan L3 data. Makes sense that a software giant, ironically nicknamed MS, would prevent MS.

    • Miles per Day

      ah good catch Gaurav. I’ll update the post then. At least you’ll make like ~$60 after referral credits, worth a free game or something.