How I did on those The Weeknd tickets


I’m not a HUGE fan of The Weeknd, but I do know that tickets to his 2016 show were HOT!  Not Hamilton HOT, but for a concert HOT!  Anyway, apparently he’s doing a 2nd tour this fall and so I wanted to test the waters.  Don’t ask me why I picked the date and location, but I went with the Detroit stop and wound up with a pair of middle floor seats.  I paid $332 for the pair after Ticketmaster fees back on June 14.


Listing them

I should have posted them immediately, but once again, I took my sweet ass time, which is sorta a mistake in ticket reselling.  You want to flip it fast since the people who missed out on getting tickets are more willing to buy from Stubhub due to the anger factor; that plus you don’t want to float the money too long.  I wound up listing the tickets on both TM and SH in mid July.  On TM, I priced it to where I’d net $400 for the pair after fees.  On SH, I priced it at $400 face, but I’d only net $360 once they sold.


Selling them

It took a month, but I finally sold them via SH the other day.  That meant I had to wait a month (almost 2 from when I bought) to sell the tickets.  I netted $360, so my ROI was about 10%.


Lessons Learned

I think the problem here is this is his second tour and it’s for the same album. So if people went the first time, they most likely won’t go a second time, especially if there hasn’t been any new music.  So no matter how popular the artist, second tours seem to be a no-no for flips.