DEAL DEAD – Visa Buxx cards


Back when I was researching unicorns and I believe it was around the time the US Bank Buxx cards died, someone tipped me off to these cards.  You can’t get them anymore because they’ve been shut down.  I don’t recall any blog posts about the card either so I’ll just tell you about it now.


Load fees

I forgot the price of the card, but it cost about $2.50 to load $250, which is 1%.  It doesn’t sound high NOW, but it was high back in 2015.  The good news was that the loads earned 3X on the ATT card, so you were paying .33cpp for TYP.  Yes I know that sounds REALLY CHEAP NOW, but it was on the high side back then.  Because of that, I only did 3 loads on the card:
8/13/2015 Initial load $200.00 ATT More
8/14/2015 Load $250.00 ATT More
8/17/2015 Load $250.00 ATT More



Since this was way back in the day, the cards worked practically everywhere.



I think the main reason I didn’t hit it harder was because I was playing the GCM game with TYP and that cpp was much lower.  If the card was still available today, I’d probably use it today.  Oh well.  RIP Buxx cards.