How I organize all of my credit cards and gift cards


I know a couple of you are OCD about this hobby so I figure I’ll share with you how I organize all of my credit cards and gift cards.  I’m sad that I didn’t write this post earlier because the item seems to be OOS on Amazon.  I had paid about $30 for it over a year ago when I read about it on another blog.  At first, I thought it was ridiculous paying $30 for a stupid binder when these were so cheap back in the day!


Looking back though, this was one of the best investments I’ve made in the hobby.  I used to store all of the cards in one of those business card holder boxes (not very efficient,) but once you go over 100 cards, you start to realize you need better organization.

As you can see from my picture, my binder is almost the height of a gift card now and it probably weighs over 10 pounds.  When I first started it a year ago, it was only half its height and weight today.  I’ve had to buy additional sheets here from Staples.  The sheets from Staples are cheaper, but they are also easier to insert and remove cards than the original Rolodex sheets.

How I organize (may not be the best way)

  • Bank debit cards in front
  • Misc debit cards next (Chime, PPBDC, etc)
  • A page of Citi cards
  • A page of Chase cards
  • A page of misc cards like WF, Ebates, Discover, Cap1, BOA
  • A page of Barclay cards and AUs
  • A page of department store cards like Kohls, Macys, etc
  • 7 pages each of every AMEX card I have along with its AUs
  • Wife’s misc cards (she doesn’t have enough Citi or Chase cards yet to have their own page)
  • 4 pages each of every AMEX card she has and its AUs
  • 3 pages of Buxx cards (NW and USB currently) (may need to move this page up to front where the other debit cards are)
  • 2 pages of Serve cards and its AUs
  • A page for my RB cards
  • A page for membership cards like Priority Pass, Sam’s Club, etc
  • Then the A-Z tabbed pages came with the Rolodex.  Those are store gift cards that I’ve saved up and plan to use.

So there you have it.  It seems that if you want one these days, you can buy them off of Ebay, and I recommend that you do.  Even if you don’t think you need this since you’re “new” or “don’t have that many cards,” once you scale up, you’ll be glad that you bought one of these.

  • Peter

    What’s the difference between this and one of these at Amazon? (

    • Miles per Day

      The Rolodex sheets are thicker and harder to put cards in and out. The Staples ones are thinner and have a cheap fill, but it’s easier to put cards in and out. The Staples ones are also more translucent.

  • beaglehug

    Amazing chicken feet.