Traveling Pants

List of all the Traveling Pants I’ve Reviewed

I’ve ranked all of the traveling pants I’ve tested using a 5 point scale (5 being best.)  I’m trying to keep it simple and just have 3 categories – style (how stylish it looks), comfort, and overall.

Lululemon ABC pants

  • Style – 5
  • Comfort – 4.5
  • Overall – 4.5

These are the only pants that are comfortable enough to wear on a long-haul flight and able to walk into a Michelin star restaurant.  While the front pockets aren’t zippered, they are accessed from the front and not the side, so harder for someone to pickpocket you.  The back pockets could have also been zippered, but that’s not a huge drawback.  I heard they also came out with a slim version of them, which I haven’t tried yet.


Public Rec All Day Every Day pants

  • Style – 4
  • Comfort – 4.5
  • Overall – 4

Stylish and comfortable albeit on the thick side (a warm airplane cabin could be an issue.)  My only knock on them is that they aren’t versatile enough to walk into a Michelin star restaurant, but if you don’t care about that, then they’re great.  I like wearing them on weekends when going to the mall.  I like the 2 front zippered pockets.  The back pockets are foldover flap style.


Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof Business pants

I’ve ordered these and they are sitting in my house now, waiting for me to test.


North Face Kilowatt pants

  • Style – 4
  • Comfort – 4
  • Overall – 4

The reason I got started down this traveling pants rathole.  I like their comfort, but the drawstring and the lack of pockets in the back make these pants a deal-breaker when traveling.


Paige Denim jeans

  • Style – 4.5
  • Comfort – 3.5
  • Overall – 4

The softest best pair of jeans out there.  Period.  Go into Nordstrom Rack and try them on.  You’ll never go back to your BR Traveler jeans.  Blows away the super lux Seven for all Mankind jeans too.  I pack these jeans when I travel.


Banana Republic Traveler jeans

  • Style – 3
  • Comfort – 3
  • Overall – 3

Sorry, once you’ve gone Paige denim, you can’t go back to these.  They are just too “stiff” compared to the Paige jeans.