Ebates increases business AMEX Gift Cards cashback to 1.5% – 4.5% with Ebates Visa

  Looks like Ebates just increased their cashback portal to give 1.5% on business cards instead of 1%.  99% of people won’t care about this but the 1% of people who have the Ebates Visa card DO CARE because now we’re getting a 4.5% return on our money.  This gets me closer to the elusive […]

Why I just got the Ebates Visa Signature Card

With my Wells Fargo 5% about to end in a couple of months, I needed to figure out my next manufactured spending card.  I realize more people have heard about a Dillard’s American Express card (yes, that exists) than this Ebates Visa signature card, but this card is actually great for resellers like myself.  However, […]