DEAL DEAD – Office Depot in store cashback with Ebates

Introduction Ebates started doing in-store cashback around the summer of 2016, written about DoC here.  The initial list of participating merchants wasn’t very exciting.  Then if you kept checking, you’ll notice that they eventually added Office Depot/Max to that list and giving out 3% cashback.  Well, it didn’t take a rocket science to realize to […]

Ebates increases business AMEX Gift Cards cashback to 1.5% – 4.5% with Ebates Visa

  Looks like Ebates just increased their cashback portal to give 1.5% on business cards instead of 1%.  99% of people won’t care about this but the 1% of people who have the Ebates Visa card DO CARE because now we’re getting a 4.5% return on our money.  This gets me closer to the elusive […]

Why I just got the Ebates Visa Signature Card

With my Wells Fargo 5% about to end in a couple of months, I needed to figure out my next manufactured spending card.  I realize more people have heard about a Dillard’s American Express card (yes, that exists) than this Ebates Visa signature card, but this card is actually great for resellers like myself.  However, […]