Using Google Flights for Alaska Airlines Price Guarantee


I had known Alaska Air had a price guarantee, but I never used it until last week.  I had previously booked a flight to Phoenix a few months ago after tracking it on Google Flights for a few weeks.  Seeing how it wasn’t moving much, I was scared prices would go up, and bought tickets for $134 each.  Now most people, myself included, at this point, would stop tracking the flight.  However, I kept watching it out of curiosity more than anything else.  Eventually, it dropped down to $110.


Alaska Price Guarantee

I then went out to this site., entered in my last name and the confirmation code.  On the next page, it showed the new price of $110 and asked how I wanted to claim the $25 (sorry, I don’t have a pic,) but I chose to bank it to my travel wallet.  I think the other option was to memorize the ticket number for future use or something absurd.  The $25 credit had an expiration date of a year (not sure of when I requested or if it was the date of booking or flight; sorry I was in a rush and didn’t think I’d write this post.)

A few days later, I got this in my wallet:


Lessons Learned

I think Alaska is the only carrier that has this price guarantee that works with Google Flights.  Yes, I know you can do this with Southwest, but I think you have to manually check their prices to see when prices drop.  Thus the lesson learned is to continually track your Alaska flight until after your trip.  This also means, you don’t need to wait for price drops to book.  Just book first and then match it later.  Also, I had booked these tickets without the companion pass; not sure if you can use this if you’ve used a companion pass.  Also not sure if this works if you booked via an OTA.  If you have, please comment.  Thanks.

  • jmaudsley

    Great post and tip. I have saved on 2 trips for a total of $150. Waiting on a third…holding out for a bigger credit.

    Banking credit is limited to 4-6 months from date of travel (I got one expiring in for 4 months, one in 6).

  • jrseattle

    Be careful because the Alaska “Guaranteed Airfare” site ignores booking class, especially First Class Upgradeable! I have a flight booked that was upgraded with Alaska Guest upgrades in K and V class. Even though the current fare for K class (both ways) is lower than what I paid, the site only compares the fare with the lowest class (a lot cheaper) and offers to credit me the difference but I would lose the Alaska Guest Upgrades. I may call in.

  • Fate.AKong

    Great post, thanks!

    Took a quick look on the terms,
    > For tickets issued in conjunction with a Bank of America companion fare discount code, the full fare passenger may be eligible for guarantee airfare credit and the companion may have changes in taxes and fees.

  • Bryan

    Thanks for that idea. Saved me $22 right now!

  • J. Greisman

    A company that honors their advertised price match without making you provide the zodiac and blood type of your great grandpa. I like that.

  • Helixcardinal

    Did this on a trip booked with companion pass without issue.

    • Miles per Day

      Ah nice.

  • brxbmrzfan

    Excellent post