How I did on those Kenny Chesney tickets


Back in October 2017, a reader had told me he had made money on the last Kenny Chesney tour, and while I’ve heard of his name, I can’t identify one song of his.  However, since a reader was confident in the tickets and you know my Viet gambling blood, I had to take a flyer on the tickets.  I chose the New Jersey concert (closest to NYC) and went with 6 nosebleed tickets for $470 all in.


Selling the tickets

I listed them on SH and after 6 weeks, they sold for a take-home price of $470.  Yes, I lost a quarter on all 6 tickets.  However, I did get 6 copies of his CD and probably made about $10-$20 flipping them on Ebay.


Lessons Learned

I don’t know.  I’ve always believed country stars don’t flip as well as pop, but have no data to prove or disprove it.  I’ll most likely skip Kenny’s tickets in the future.

  • J. Greisman

    You need to buy his tickets at Texas or Bama. The only connection NJ has with Kenny Chesney fans are their love for pickup trucks.

    • Miles per Day

      True. Not sure why I went with Jersey.