How I got un-banned from Boxed


As you all know, I was banned from Boxed a while back.  I tried once to get it unbanned, but hit a brick wall, so I gave up on it.  Then the other day, a reader told me he tried to place an order and it seemed he was just magically un-banned.  I then tried to place a La Croix order, and sure enough, 12 minutes later, I got the cancellation email.  That’s when I remembered a reader telling me she emailed the investors or founders and they got her un-banned.


Email route

I remembered back in December 2016 when they introduced wine.  Well, that email came from the CEO.  I had responded back then saying, “Oh cool, which one would you recommend?”  Then apparently that email got read by another team who responded to me saying the whites were great (spoiler alert – they’re not.)  Anyway, I figure with nothing to lose, I emailed that email address basically saying, “Hi, I’ve been a customer since December 2016.  Have placed over $$$$ worth of orders, but these days, my orders get cancelled.  Can you resolve?  Love you guys.”  A day later, I get an email back saying, “We reached out to the risk team and have cleared your account.  Please note that any gift card orders will be cancelled.”  I then placed a new La Croix order (by the way, they have a new variety pack,) and it hasn’t been cancelled, so I think I’m good.


Chat route

I told the reader what had happened, and he then decided to do a chat with them.  Of course they told him to email the risk department, who never responds to emails.  He then told them something like, “Look, I’ve emailed them numerous times and they never respond.  Can you fix this today.”  Sure enough, they resolved his account right then and there.  Also told him not to try his luck with gift cards.


Lessons Learned

If you’re banned from Boxed, give them a chat and see if they can unblock.  If not, email me and I’ll give you the email address I used.  I don’t want to post it publicly.