If you bought Hamilton Denver, check your orders


I wasn’t able to buy any Hamilton Denver tickets, but a few readers did.  Well it seems that the venue has changed almost all out of state buyers’ tickets to “Will Call” instead of mailed.  Needless to say, if you’ve already sold on Stubhub, then this may not end well.  Anyway, I told a reader yesterday about this who had a friend get tickets.  The friend called and the venue was able to change his ‘Will Call’ back to ‘Mailed.’  Thus, if you bought tickets, I’d check your order status and maybe shoot them an email asking for it to change back to MAILED.


Lessons Learned

Salt Lake also just dropped tickets recently.  With the Denver issues, I’m going to start to wait until I get tickets in hand before I list on Stubhub.  Don’t want to be penalized like this again.