Review – Grand Hyatt Hong Kong


I stayed here for about 4 days in late December.  A friend did a guest of honor stay for me, so I got Globalist benefits.  I used 25K points, which wasn’t the best option, but that was the only way to guarantee Globalist benefits.  It seems this is the hotel most of us in the game stay at in Hong Kong.  The last time I was in HK, I stayed at the Hyatt Regency on the Kowloon side, which wasn’t the best since we kept going over to the Hong Kong side during our stay.


Getting to hotel

I took the airport express to the Hong Kong station and then took the free shuttle [provided by the airport express] to the Grand Hyatt.  The shuttle runs every 20 minutes and the GH is the 3rd stop, so fairly short ride.  I want to say it cost 170 HKD (about $21 USD) for 2 people (I think there is a discount for 2 people.)  I chose this route since it was fairly quick (24 minutes to HK station) and cheap.  I think a taxi would have run about $40 USD or so.



Check-in was a bit slow because there would always be more people waiting than employees, but at least new employees would pop up from the back door to help the queue along.  Upon checkin, they told me, “Welcome back” since I had stayed there about 10+ years ago as a lowly mid-tier at the time.  Since I was checking in on New Year’s Eve, they couldn’t upgrade me to anything due to the hotel being fully booked [due to the awesome fireworks view from a water-facing room.]  I then asked if I could change rooms the next day, and they said that was possible.  On the next day, they moved me to a pretty great harbor view.  That’s my tip – if you are staying at a hotel for multiple nights and don’t get the room you want, ask to move after the first night.



I believe the wifi was open (no need to login.)  Had no issues whatsoever


Water situation

I want to say they gave you 4 bottles of water every night, and sometimes would leave more on the desk, so no problems there.


Breakfast and Lounge

Globalists only get breakfast in the lounge now, which is a bit disappointing since it’s only about 25% the size of the restaurant downstairs.  It does have a daily menu of 3 complimentary options.  I had the noodles one day and it was pretty good.  The lounge is also open 24 hours (I think) and you can stop by anytime to get complimentary wine and snacks.



It is a bit of a walk to the MTR station; I’d say about 10 minutes or so.  The IFC is about a 15 minute walk or about a $3 cab ride, so I reco you just cab or Uber it wherever you want to go unless you want to go to Kowloon, at which point, I’d go with MTR.  Try to work your magic and get the breakfast in the restaurant.

Would I stay here again?   YES.  Do I recommend this hotel to you guys?  YES.  I think once they finish up the convention center, I think there’s going to be an MTR stop very close to the hotel.  The view is also gorgeous if you can get a harbor view, which is almost guaranteed if you have Globalist benefits.  I think suite upgrades come fairly easy here as well although I didn’t get one for my stay.





Passion fruit only in the restaurant breakfast buffet


  • I totally loved my stay (mid of 2017). I stayed as an Explorist and used one of my club lounge certificates. They upgraded us to a club room. I think the club lounge is worth every penny and is pretty much the place where you want to enjoy breakfast as well as evening spread.

  • brioche

    Wow nice fireworks display. The candy on a stick with the 2018 on it, Is that an Oreo?

    • Miles per Day

      Nah just a chocolate filled chocolate cookie

  • Brenton

    I haven’t stayed at the Grand Hyatt, but did stay 2 nights at the Hyatt Regency TST back in May, and was overall pretty happy. We used a free night and 15k points. The club was great all day, the metro was attached to the mall beneath the hotel, and the phone they loan you in order to have a free hotspot is pretty useful. Plus, I prefer the view of Hong Kong island vs looking at the promenade.

    • Miles per Day

      That’s where we stayed last time. We kept going over to the Kowloon side to eat, so I wanted to be on the HK side this time.