How I did on those Apple Pride watch bands


A reader had tipped me off that Apple had discontinued their Apple Pride watch bands back in September and was a nice flip. Since you could only buy these at Apple stores, it was pretty hard to procure.  I’m lazy these days and I didn’t rush out to all the Apple stores around me.  Instead, when my wife and I happened to be at the mall, I’d stop in and ask if they had any.  I think I went to 2 stores and was able to get 5 bands total.  Since these are FBA gated, to Ebay they went.


Selling them on Ebay

I was in no rush to move them, especially coming up on Christmas shopping, so I priced them fairly high at $100 a piece.  Remember they were $50+tax each.  After fees and shipping, I netted around $90 a piece, so a $35 profit per band.  After 5 bands, I made about $165 for them.  I don’t consider any additional time and effort costs since a) I was already at the mall and b) I consider the time packing and shipping out the product in my pajamas as very minimal.


Lessons Learned

Pay attention to Apple product discontinuations.

  • Michael

    Vinh, you way underpriced. I sold mine at $170 – 194.99 and they went like hotcakes.

    • Miles per Day

      How many did you sell for $170?

      • Michael

        I think I sold about 2 for $170, then raised the price to $180 and sold another few, then raised the price to $194.99 for the last few.

        • Miles per Day

          very impressive indeed. was this on fba or ebay? cuz even at $100, it was slow moving for me. i had 38mm bands; not 42mm.

          • Michael

            Ah, there you go. Mine were 42mm.

  • ABC

    How did Apple do? Cost of goods for Apple, 90%.