How I did on those Taylor Swift tickets


No, I haven’t sold any tickets yet.  This is about how I wound up getting tickets.  See, I played that boosts game and wound up with around 200 boosts.  This got me a Wednesday 2-3PM PST time slot.  I believe some people got 400 boosts and got a code a day earlier.  I also found out 2 readers who wrote their own bots got banned from buying tickets due to the bot use.  Ouch!

A few things we learned about the codes – the codes were tied to the account (this may be how it is from now on) and the code wasn’t location specific (looking back, the play would have been to pick a city that had low boosts so you’ll be higher up in rank and then buy tickets in your desired city.)  It also didn’t matter what price and number of tickets you had selected in the pre-sale.


Which tickets

When it was my time to buy tickets, that was the floor map.  I’ll tell you now that the pit was something like $750.  The blue middle floor seats were $500.  Most of the lower 100’s were also premium prices.  I’m sure there were cheaper floor and lower 100’s, but they were gone by the time I was up.  So looking at that map, which tickets would you buy?  I was trying to decide between higher 100 seats or lower 200 seats.  Then that’s when it hit me – in the past, I’ve always sat floor for Taytay.  And every single time, the 12 year old girls would stand in their chair blocking my view.  And I can’t yell at them.  I also would get tired and want to sit down, and sure enough, I’d have no view at that point.  So I picked the next best seats in my opinion – I wanted the FIRST ROW of a section.  That way, I can sit or stand and no teenie boppers would block me.  So I wound up getting some 200 level row 1 seats in the back.  While I won’t have the best view per se, I’ll always have a FULL VIEW.


Reselling tickets

I believe all 6 tickets cost me about $1000 all in.  I’ll check to see how many friends want to come.  Then I’ll flip the rest….on TICKETMASTER.  Yes.  Taytay, who is anti-scalpers, is lettings fans resell the tickets back through TM.  In the past, you could only transfer. She’s a shrewd businesswoman, so I’m guessing she gets a cut of resales too.  That’s the only way to explain it.

  • Andy

    Anyone have any experience re-selling tickets from Flash Seats? Just bought 4 Tix for Justin Timberlake on the AMEX Presale today for the 4/14 show at T-Mobile Arena in Vegas.

    Hoping to flip them for a quick profit, but I’ve never used Flash Seats before

  • edbyu
    • Miles per Day

      That’s no bueno. No wonder my floor seats aren’t doing so well.

  • REC

    Does anyone have the ability to sell their tickets on Ticketmaster yet?
    I picked the mobile delivery option and it’s not letting me change that ticket delivery option now and my sell feature is blocked out.

  • ks83

    I listed on stubhub at 550 per but its showing now as 532 per. When I go to my listings I still see 550, anyone else seeing this??

    • Lancer

      Stubhub has been testing pricing schemes. Many listings will show lower for buyers but the seller will still get paid based on the original listing amount.

  • Matt

    It looks like reselling on TM might vary by venue. I have tix to both shows in Atlanta and reselling through TM is not an option for either show.

    • Miles per Day


    • ks83

      Sell option gone for me too. It was there yesterday but gone now. Boston area.

  • Roger Dorn

    I ended up having ~250 boosts for Cleveland and got a code around 8:30pm on Tuesday. Snagged 6 floor seats Row 16 in Section B for ~$1200 total……should be a nice profit there!

    Also, I was sent a bonus code last night to buy up to 6 more tickets. Purchased 6 more for the Phoenix stop in the upper levels for ~$500 total.

    • Miles per Day

      Ah congrats. Those floor seats are gonna be a money maker. Looks like I shoulda picked Cleveland too and bought Seattle instead.

  • mike212581

    Reselling on Ticketmaster. What’s the benefit of doing that over using Stubhub in this case? In the past it seemed that Ticketmaster resale prices have been lower than StubHub resell prices.

    • Miles per Day

      I’ve seen TM prices being higher sometimes. Won’t hurt to dual-list.

      • Joe

        what happens if you dual list and they simulateously sell don’t you get screwed?

        • Miles per Day

          Yes that’s a gamble you take.