Review – Korean Air First Class 777 from Seoul to Seattle


Yesterday, I wrote about my business class flight from Seattle to Seoul.   On the way back, I flew in first class.  I paid 95,000 Korean Air miles and $208 in fees for the one-way flight from Bangkok to Seoul to Seattle.  This review is just for the Bangkok to Seattle leg.  The flight was at 6:30PM and was about 9:30 hrs long.  Since we were delayed on our arrival, we didn’t get to spend any time at the lounge.



There are many reviews online already, so I won’t rehash.  I thought dinner was okay.  I thought the champagne was on the sweet side (yes, I am aware it’s a rose champagne.)  I still don’t really like caviar.  Service was fine.  I found it funny when she offered me macadamia nuts in a bag ,and when I said yes, she came back with them in a bowl.

Here’s my big gripe – similar to my Asiana A380 first class flight, I did NOT have a good sleep.  I think it’s either due to the lack of air circulation in the small enclosed space, the pajamas not being breathable, or the blanket.  I just remember waking up VERY OFTEN needing to drink water because my mouth was so dry.  I kept turning because it was too hot one minute and too cold the next minute.  I thought the one pillow was too soft as well. I did NOT have as good a sleep as I did when I flew in business class.  While it was miserable, it benefited me because we landed at noon and I needed to stay awake due to jet lag.

I am planning on flying Korean F again in a few weeks, so maybe this time, I’ll skip the pajamas and see if it’s the cabin (which is my hunch.)






  • brioche

    Oh that ice cream sure looks tasty.

  • Ken

    I’m always hot on Asian carriers, but I’ve found if you fan your face they’ll lower the a/c for you. They’ve done this on CX J/F and JL F, and this was on several flights all over the place. Asking doesn’t seem to provide a solution, so I stopped doing it.

    • Miles per Day

      A reader suggested a surgical mask. I’ll give that a shot.

      • Ken

        How does a surgical mask relate to cabin temp?

        • Miles per Day

          No it helps with my waking up so many times due to dry mouth / thirst

          • Ken

            Ah. Yeah, I could see that working. Wouldn’t help for me since I’m always boiling hot, but I’ll keep it in mind with the dry mouth.