Review – Korean Air Business Class 777 from Seattle to Seoul


Like I said in my earlier post, I “slummed” it in business class while the wife sat in First class.  Looking back, I actually think I had the better experience (more on that later.)  I had used 75K Korean miles + $65 in fees for the one way flight from Seattle to Seoul to Phnom Penh.  This review will be just for the Seattle to Seoul flight that leaves at 1:00PM.



While I don’t have pictures of the lounge, I was given access to the Delta lounge in the S terminal before my flight.  It was a pretty nice lounge; better than the Alaska one.



Since this was a 1PM flight, I wasn’t really tired so I got the full experience.  Unfortunately, our flight had a medical emergency and had to return back to Seattle and caused a 3 hour delay.  I also had forgotten that business class doesn’t have pajamas, and while I was comfortable in what I was wearing, I would have definitely worn even more comfortable clothes.

I was also worried I was in the older angled flat, but luckily I was on the newer Prestige class business seats, which was flat.  Luckily, no one sat next to me, and I didn’t have to put up the wall partition.  By the way, if you travel as a couple, the 2 middle seats are the way to go.  If you’re single, the window seats are staggered and so you won’t look directly at your neighbor and the window seat has aisle access.  Looking back, since my wife was in first class, I should have picked one of the first 2 rows in business class being in the “main business cabin.”  Actually, I take that back.  My seat was fine.  The reason I say that is because if you’re in the first 2 rows, it may get hot and stuffy in there.

A few things I remembered – the champagne was fine; not great but not horrendous.  I had about 4-5 glasses during my meal and then passed out and slept just fine.  The only quirky thing was that my business class “dinner” was jammed into one little bowl, which I thought was very coach-like.  Like I said, it’s been a while since I’ve sat in business on a long haul flight.  The food was “okay;” I’m not a big bibimbap person and so I went for the Western meal (please don’t take away my Asian card.)



I flew back home in First and I had issues sleeping due to being too hot, similar to my Asiana A380 F flight.  I think it’s either the cabin is too small and curtained up and/or the pajamas.  I was perfectly fine sitting in business for this flight.  The comfort outweighed spending more miles for caviar and a nicer champagne.



notice the gap for the window seat person



why was my main course all jammed into one dish?



  • David

    I see the Asian noodles. Asian card unrevoked. 😂👌 I probably would have chosen the western cuisine myself as well.