Review – Blackhawk tactical pants


If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m a bit obsessed with travel pants.  Today, I’m going to review some Blackhawk tactical pants that I had bought years ago for $20-$30 due to a Slickdeals deal.  Unfortunately, they don’t make the exact pair I own anymore, but they do make these Pursuit pants that are currently on sale for $20. I had bought a pair of khaki colored ones.

I decided to wear these to Asia because a) I wasn’t going to any super fine dining establishments and b) I figure these cargo pants would be helpful when traveling.



The pants are hideous, and they look like safari pants because why else would you need so many pockets?  The good thing is that the side pockets do have zippers, so it helped me carry my iPhone without worry about it falling out.



While not breathable, I did sleep with them on a plane and didn’t have any issues.  They are also expandable at the waist too for when you get your fatty on.



Cargo pants really shouldn’t be worn outside of a safari or hiking, I did wear them on the plane and even to a somewhat fancy Thai restaurant.  Would I wear them to Europe?  No.  Would I even wear them to anywhere in North America.  Probably not.  Would I recommend them for $20?  Sure.  You never know when you’ll go hiking or to Africa or Southeast Asia.

  • Marib

    My husband wears 5.11 Tactical pants in either black, navy, grey or olive. They look decent and can be worn for several days and still look fresh. Dark colors are best.

  • Kathy K

    we need to see photos of you wearing these glam pants