Review – Sun and Moon hotel in Phnom Penh


As of late 2017, there is only one chain hotel in Phnom Penh and it’s the Intercontinental.  I was going to stay there, but the cost was high for my tastes in both points and cash.  Instead, there was a $25 coupon, which I used.  I picked the Sun and Moon hotel because it had pretty good reviews on both Booking and Tripadvisor.  Turns out the hotel is in a great location (5 small blocks away from the river.)



Our Korean flight from Incheon would arrive at 10:30PM.  I didn’t want to deal with taxis at that time, so I emailed the hotel beforehand and was able to reserve a pickup for $20.  Turns out it should have only run $10 for a taxi, or I found out later that an Uber (which was a taxi) would also cost about $10.



Wifi was okay.  No major complaints.



Breakfast came included with the room.  The best item was the noodles that you could order.  Blew my mind how good it was.



If you’re going to Phnom Penh, then I would recommend this hotel.  It’s about $90 pre-discount.  It’s worth about ~$75.  The hotel reminds me of an Aloft hotel.  Quirky and colorful.  The breakfast was good.  The rooftop pool was cool.  Location is also great.




  • Mark Ostermann

    View from the pool looks awesome 🙂

  • Justin

    Do you like Alofts, Vinh? Staying at my first one this spring. Would have preferred Hyatt Place but at 8k SPG vs 24k Hyatt it didn’t make sense to stick with Hyatt.

    • Miles per Day

      They’re okay. Great for a night or two. I wouldn’t stay longer than that just because I’m snobby like that.